Issue with iphones after migrating exch 2013 dbs from one drive to another

We had to migrate our exchange 2013 from one dbs to another dbs. Now for some reason when a few users try to get their email on their iphones they don't get the emails. Most users appear to be working.
When trying to add their accounts to the phone, they get the message Unable to verify acct information... We have tried many things from resting network settings on the phone to many other things..
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StuartTechnical Architect - CloudCommented:
Can you run the Autodiscover test for one of the mailboxes that are not working and post the results?
vmichAuthor Commented:
well they can connect to owa without any issue at all but just cant get the account to verify via the iphone.
When I run it, it comes back and says test successful with warnings..
StuartTechnical Architect - CloudCommented:
Apologies I mean ActiveSync test, if you export the full report it will help troubleshoot where the issue lies
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Simon StreamsCommented:
What happens if you create a new Exchange account on the affected iPhones?
Did you do anything with your domain controllers as well?
vmichAuthor Commented:
Yes we did do something with the dc's about 2 weeks ago..
We had 2 - 2008 dcs and then we added 2 2012R2 dcs. we were having some strange issues so we demoted the 2 2012 R2 servers and so now we just have the 2 2008 dcs again..
Can you check the DC's are replicating properly?
vmichAuthor Commented:
They appear to be working fine. What should I check?
I ran adsiedit and all seems ok there..
Did you gracefully demote the DC you removed? is it still showing in the domain controllers container on the domain? If it is, you need to clean out the metadata by removing it and selecting the option about the DC being permanently offline etc...

I'd double check that replication is definitely working OK, what you have described is common if there is a DC failing to replicate. Try the following to be sure:

If all is ok, could you check the active sync event log on the exchange server for any clues why the phones are failing to connect
vmichAuthor Commented:
Yes I did do the demotion gracefully.. None of the 2 new 2012 dcs are showing up as dcs anymore just the 2 2008 are showing up..
On the Exchange can you run the following in the exchange management shell:

Get-ExchangeServer -Identity “YOUR EXCHANGE SERVER NAME” -status | fl

This will give you an output of the DC's that your Exchange server is currently using. Check these are correct and are the 2 you expect to see.
vmichAuthor Commented:
Issue was resolved by Having to apply CU9 to the exchange server because there is know intermittent issue with users that are migrated from Exch 2007 to Exch 2013 that does not show up all the time in which their Active Sync wont communicate with the Exchange server..
We upgrade to 2013 exch back in April and this just showed up for us last week..

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vmichAuthor Commented:
Apply CU9 to Exch 2013
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