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I need help with a SQL Query

Hi Experts,
I need help with an update query between 2 tables without using a from/join clause.
How can I do this.

Thanks in advance,
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Mike Eghtebas
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You can do that by giving us table names, field names to be updated, etc. Any relevant information we need to built a workable example.

Also see:
Here is one example
UPDATE Test1.dbo.Employee
SET DeptID = emp2.DeptID
FROM Test2.dbo.Employee as 'emp2'
   Test1.dbo.Employee.EmployeeID = emp2.EmployeeID

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If two tables are involved, you cannot go without a FROM clause. Anything using a different source than the  table to update requires it. With one exception: You can build an updatable view, which obfuscates the table the column is located in - but that has a lot of constraints, and I won't go into the details for that reason.

If you are trying to head towards something e.g. Oracle allows, which is
update (select ta.ca1, tb.cb2 from table1 ta join table2 tb on = /* ... */)
set ca1 = cb2

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this cannot be used in MSSQL that way, and anyway it contains a FROM too :D
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