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I have 2 HP servers installed ESXi 5.5 and there is only 1 Physical network adapter to it. Now, I want to install the vCenter and manage them centrally. Should I have 1 more physical network adapter for vMotion? Right now with vmnic0, it is connected to Management Network and the VM Network which has 5 VMs running on it.

if I need to have 1 more vmnic 1 for vMotion then is it possible to move the ESX Management network IP to vmnic 1 or is it ok to have it on vmnic 0 only?

Please suggest...!!!!
Ravi KAsked:
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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
As in your scenario you are running 5 VMs and there should not be much of vMotion traffic. The Single Physical NIC should be sufficient.
If you installing a new NIC, use it for redundancy.
Seperating Management and vMotion traffic on different vmkernel ports is useful when you are going to have vMotion traffic load, like in case of more VMs and using DRS / DPM.
My suggestion would be to leave both Mgmt and vMotion on same vmkernel port and use the additional NIC for Teaming.

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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
What I recommend is minimum of 4 cards configured as per below:

NIC 1:  Primary for management, backup NIC for backup and vMotion
NIC 2:  Primary backup and vMotion, backup NIC for management
NIC 3 and 4:  Teamed for VM network

In this configuration, you always have backup NICs for management and vMotion.  What I recommend is configure your backup to use a separate network which will not interface with management traffic.  Also note that it is highly unlikely to perform vMotion backup simultaneously if everything is configured right.  For VM traffic, teaming will not only give you redundancy but also bigger bandwidth.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
What HP servers are you using , is this a Production Setup ?

Ideally, your networking would look like this...but if you have limited budget and resources, you will have to use what you have.

An example
You want two network interfaces per service.

Two nics for Management Network  - vSwitch0
Two nics for vMotion - vSwitch1
Two nics for iSCSI Storage - vSwitch2
Two nics for Virtual Machines - vSwitch3
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Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Hi Andrew

The Server has only 4 NICs. So I can't have 2 Nics for each service.

Hi Vaseem,

Thanks for the information. How to separate Management and vMotion traffic on different vmkernel ports is useful when you are going to have vMotion traffic load, like in case of more VMs and using DRS / DPM??

As of now, I can use the vMotion IP from single physical NIC and have 1 more for NIC teaming but in future, I may add the another ESXi and VMs as well. In such situation we need vMotion to have latency??
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
They are going to be production support. it's HP gen 8 servers
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Remember your VMware vSphere infrastructure is only as good as your network design.
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Hi Andrew,

I understand but there are constraints. Please suggest the best in minimum requirement,
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
do you have shared storage ?
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Yes I have Netapp's ONTAP
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Vaseem Mohammed..

Can I use the NIC Teaming on vSwitch level or VMnetwork or Management  Network?..

How do i set both Mgmt and vMotion on same vmkernel port??
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
NIC Teaming is available at both level, vSwitch as well as per VMKernel Port.
Under the properties of vSwitch(n) you need to go to properties of VMKernel port that is being used for Mgmt, and enable the appropriate services required.VMKP-PropertiesFurther check the NIC  Teaming Tab, whatever you configure here will be applicable to this specific VMKernel Port.VMKP-NICTeaming
Ravi KAuthor Commented:

So, should I do NIC teaming for Management Network and vMotion or for VM Network?

If i have to do for VM network then I need to have 1 more physical adapter connected to the switch. So that I can use vmnic 0 for ESXi and vmnic 1 and 2 for VM network.

Previously my Idea was to have the NIC teaming for ESXi and VM network both but now I have to have 1 more nic and separate ESXi and VM network??

Please suggest
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
You can have Redundancy for VM Network, Mgmt Network and vMotion.

2 NICs are assigned to a vSwitch0.
VM Network PGs or VMKernel PGs are defined on vSwitch0.
You can config Teaming for each kind of PortGroup (PG) as long as they reside on the same vSwitch0

You don't need to have more NICs
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Ok Vaseem, I got your point completely. But to be safer side, I have 1 more NIC option available with me. I can just plug into the switch from the server port and make VM network as teaming and let the ESXi be alone?

Is this good ?
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
Let ESXi be alone
Connectivity to Management will not be redundant.
Please check the attached layout, hope that clear you confusion.
Ravi KAuthor Commented:
Ok.. Thank you.. Vaseem.
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