Building of social networking page as beginner.

I have some experience with object programming languages. And little with WP template themes as i am running an blog page now,which fundamentals were set from professional some years before.. But nothing  what is needed to add or modification of  exiting code.

I do not have an specific question.  I looking for advice  and for suggestions about starting.

Not only about programming languages but about other thinks like choosing of template, the one with good support, and to  choose between to go with free version or look for professional one , and how to choose hosting , and You know , what ewer it goes with it...

I would appreciate  easy answers, which would help me to get an general picture to decide in near future if i should get involved or just forget it.
Ivan GolubarAsked:
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
This question is so broad, it's unanswerable.  Can you make it more specific?
I think there's some confusion.

Normally, when someone talks about social networking, they are talking about participating in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, (and formerly MySpace and even older things). You can put lots of creativity into what you post on these sites, but it's also quite bounded.

[Heck, Experts Exchange could be considered a social networking site.]

In contrast, you seem to be interested in setting up your own website as an expression of your participation in social media. That's not too hard to do, but you do have to narrow down what parts of the process you want to design and implement yourself vs what parts you're happy to have other people do or manage. It's possible to run a website on a computer in your home or apartment. For most people, it makes more sense (and the cost is not all that different) to use a service to host a virtual server, if you really want to build it yourself, or to let most of the work be done by a website hosting service, leaving you with just having to be concerned with the content and some aspects of the design. It sounds like you have some experience with WordPress, so it might be best if you could explain better what you currently do with it and what more you'd like to be able to do.

If you can narrow down what you want to do a little, we can be of more help.
Ivan GolubarAuthor Commented:
I want to make my own social networking page.
And i do not want to take some step in beginning which would letter  bring me  to dead point.

I am asking what are essential thinks to take care about when you are building your own internet page? In my case would be social network page.

Can i  move everything to another hosting provider without problems if i want something bigger or different?
Then which template (World press or others) can be the one which is easy to use and lives option for modification and to add own code?

And maybe you can tell me what else is important to take care in this  initial phase?
There's no such thing as a crystal ball that we can gaze into and see precisely how the future will work out.

If you want to be sure that you can move your construct from one hosting provider to another, you'd want to build on your own personal virtual server. There's every likelihood that you can re-implement what you build there elsewhere, either by merely copying it or by building up a similar-enough environment for the base and copying over your content. Using open source tools would ensure -- to the extent that such things can be ensured -- that you continue to have access to them regardless of the whims and fads that occur on commercial software.

"Ease of use" is frequently opposed to "customizable".

Other than this bland, general advice, I'm not sure how to help you. When Zuckerberg first built Facebook, he used PHP.  Was that a good decision? It's largely irrelevant now, as Facebook's success allowed them to invest in lots of internal development to get around the limitations and deficiencies of PHP.

And I still don't understand what you mean by I want to make my own social networking page. If you had said you wanted to make your own social networking website, in the vein of WhatsApp or Instagram (both companies which Facebook eventually acquired), then we'd understand your ambitions a bit better. But for building  a website page, you can only be advised to use whatever feels comfortable and productive for you, there are no guarantees that a year or two down the road you'll not want to switch to different underpinnings; hopefully, the experience you gain in your first implementation will guide you in making your next choice.

If you have something today in WordPress, learning more about WordPress might be your best initial path. If that's not to your liking, you might want to spend a little time with one of the big commercial website-building sites like SquareSpace or Gutensite to see if their approach suits you better.

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Ivan GolubarAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

I think your answer was exactly what i was looking now. Let me study it until tomorrow.
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