Convert report from crystal 8.5 to 11

Hi,I have received a sample report (crystal 8.5)which needs to be changed to crystal 11.It contains a cross tab in it,along with a preview.
The issue is when I had created the same on 11,I am not getting the desired output.
1.The columns TOTAL,COMM and  FUNTP are separated from VAC and TOTAL column has pay period '2001100' coming on top of it.It should be on top of COMM and FUNTP.
2.Also,on top of HOL column pay period '2001110' should come but in my report its coming on COMM column which is wrong.
3.The column TOTAL on the rightmost corner is also getting separated from the rest of the report.
I am attaching the original rpt along with output of my report.Please suggest what mistake am i doing in creating the cross tab
priya rajAsked:
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You should be able to simply open the report in the new version then save it to convert it.

Is that CR XI (v11) or CR2011?

You may have to select a different paper or fiddle with the margins to get it to look right.

I opened it ins CR XI and it looks fine after I changed my margins to left and right .75"

priya rajAuthor Commented:
Hello mlmcc,

I checked and found its Crystal Report XI Release 2 that am using.
So,as you suggested I should check the margins of each field on my cross tab?
priya rajAuthor Commented:

I tried using your method and was able to resolve only the third part of my problem.
The first two still remains the same.
I changed the margins also but to no result.
Could you please let me know that did you changed the margins (to left) for all fields on cross tab?
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It does seem to be an issue with your margins, or maybe your printer settings.  I opened your report in CR 10 and, without changing the margins or anything else, I get the columns per page that you seem to be looking for.  I also get 2 more rows on the first page than are shown in your doc (assuming that that doc was from the first page of your report).  FWIW, my margins are all set to .25", but I also have "Use Default Margins" checked (I honestly don't know if that means that my .25" settings are being replaced by something else).

 FWIW, I'm attaching a PDF file showing what your report looks like here.


 In addition to the margins, I would suggest that you check the printer settings to see which printer, page size, orientation, etc. are selected.


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THe margins I am referring to are the page margins.

priya rajAuthor Commented:

Thank you all for your suggestions,will try them on report and let you know accordingly.
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