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html, blink in target page

in index.htm, I have:
<a id="A4c" href="./Videos.html#UploadVideo" ><abbr title="watch demo video.">Data Upload</abbr></a>

in Videos.html, I have:
<b>1. Data Upload, Automated ETL:</b><a id="UploadVideo"></a><br/>

Here, upon click on Data Upload (in index.html), it navigates id="UploadVideo". This is fine.

Question: Is it possible to make the text 1. Data Upload, Automated ETL: (in Videos.html) blink for a second or two? Or, show an arrow of some kind appear to get user's attention?

Can use css or java script. At this point, I guess we I am not ready to move it to use session variable. Which of 4 text to blink on Videos.html will depend which of the 4 hyperlinks has been clicked on index.html.
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