Can I use any MS Office 2013 product to create a mobile phone initiated formatted email

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I need to get employees to send a report with the following info every time they start/finish a job (i.e. do something at a location). They may do one or more jobs each day so we need at least one report a day. We have asked them to do it by SMS but there's always something  missing that creates headaches so I was wondering if there was any MS Office product that I could use  in conjunction with SharePoint that would enable them to send the information by say email to the office, or have it stored on SharePoint so we could access it from the office. We use MS Office 2013 Professional and we also have a Sharepoint account though we have never used it

The info we need is:
   Start Time?
   End Time?
   Street Name?
   Lot Number?
   Doing What?
   Did You use your own car?

The message can be as simple as   "7 - 1 Main St 721Maintenance No"
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Why not use the tasks 'assignment' in outlook?

The task can be created with a date, assigned to the individual (they receive by email in Outlook and its added to their task list) then when they are done they update and push the information back. you can create a  specific 'template' to ensure the various fields are shown for completion.

when the update comes back to the mailbox which assigned the task you might need a script to pull the data out if you want to avoid a manual re-key


Thanks for the suggestion. I can use that for inter-office staff but found a really easy and neat alternative for field based staff. I just created a form in my Google Drive account and sent out the link. Field Staff save the link as a desktop shortcut and they can click on the link, enter the details and the data is automatically available to me in a Google Sheet. And it's free
Thanks, I assumed from your phrasing that these staff all had internal email but free is always good :)


You're right, very poorly explained. Sorry.

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