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I have download the WirelessNetView but I have not idea how to make use of the info to final tune my  APs.

1. What's the usage for Channel Frequency, Channel Number, RSSI ? How can it tell whether my AP interfere with each other ?

2. I have several APs installed in a big hall. Should I need to adjust Channel Frequency , Channel Number, .... to ensure maximum transmission for each AP.

3. There are basic transfer rates column (6.5, 19.5) and Other transfer rate columns (16,53,39,19.5, 156, 18,24,36,48,54) , What does it tell ?
Any advices or points for consideration are  appreciate
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Channel Frequency & Channel Number are the established radio frequencies that can be used.

RSSI is the strength of the signal

Neighboring AP's (those that are close to each other) should be on different channels.  Older AP's needed to be set manually, but most modern APs' will automatically select a channel with the lowest usage.  If you see a lot of APs' on the same channel, check their config for a auto tuning feature.

I believe the two transfer rate columns show transfer rates that the access point is advertising it can handle, versus other transfer rate standards that are not being detected or advertised.



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