Excel formatting x-axis - not all fields/categories

I have an excel line chart with (2) fields / categories on the x axis field.  One is a month name (Jan, feb, etc) and the other is month value (1, 2, etc).  I had to do this in order to get the sorting to work, very frustrating.  I also tried concatenating the fields but for 10-Oct if puts that first which is wrong.  

So i am looking to format just the field month value to a white text font so it "disappears" from the chart.  Can this be done?
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byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
If the categories are actual dates (e.g. October 1, 2015), you can format it to show just the month using Custom number format mmm. Your chart will then show the month abbreviations in their correct order.
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
You can format either the source data or the chart category axis with the Custom number format mmm to get Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc. The attached workbook shows both approaches.
szadrogaAuthor Commented:
I believe my issue is that the source data datatype is text.  I tried unchecking the "linked to data source" box and setting the values as a date or number but still no luck.  I have attached the file...does this help?  Ideally, i would like just to have May, June, July...Oct along the axis.
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szadrogaAuthor Commented:
sample file attached
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
It is best to convert text into dates at the source. In the case of this workbook, the source must have been on another workbook, because the chart makes no reference to cell addresses as the source of the dates. Making matters worse, this workbook uses PivotCharts, so I can't just edit the series formula.

To convert text that looks like dates into real dates, here are two tricks:
1. Copy a blank cell
2. Select the cells to be converted, then open the Home....Paste Special menu item and click the arrow at bottom right corner
3. On the resulting dialog, click Add and then OK
4. The dates should now look like numbers--but you can format them as dates using teh Custom number format mmm

Alternatively, use the Data...Text to Columns menu item
1. Select the cells to be converted (must be in a single column)
2. Open the Data...Text to Columns menu item
3. Choose Delimited in the first step of the wizard. Then click Next.
4. Don't specify any delimiters in the second step of the wizard. Then click Next.
5. In the third step of the wizard, specify Dates as the data type, then choose their format in the source text (e.g. DMY or MDY)
6. Click Finish
7. Format the cells using the Custom number format mmm

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szadrogaAuthor Commented:
the data is coming from an Access db.  Ill have to look into the source datatypes.  thx.
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