How to do a VIDEOS & PICTURES présentation

I have to create a video files that we put on a presentation tv for customers.
Right now I create videos only using Windows Live Video maker and it works good. The vids are in good quality.
Now I need to insert pictures between the short videos but they need to be readable.
The pictures are nice in 1920x1080.
So I want a 4 mins vid and a 20 seconds pictures then another 4 mins vid etc....

In Live movie maker, even if I choose high res at 1920x1080 the pictures comes out fuzzy and barely readable!

How can I fix that? My tv's are able to read vids but they are not computers so I couldn't push a vid using a vid software, then a picture using a picture software etc...

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
There is no problem to have still photos and video clips in the same Windows Live Video maker file.

You should start with a good quality―i.e. High resolution―image. Otherwise, place your original image on a white background (about 2500x1800 pixels)

Add the clips and images alternatively using the Add videos and photos button in the Home tab.

You can then set the duration of the still images using the Edit.Clips
philjansAuthor Commented:
Hi Paul,
Yes I know it can be added ;)  But like I said the problem is that they become fuzzy and even at the top resolution, the text is barely readable.... :(
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I understand - I'm pretty sure if you resized the video clips smaller to match the image resolution you would get better results...
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philjans what is on these pictures? some Text only?
The problem here if these images are not readable in the presentation go to the image and open it with windows live Photo viewer which bundles with windows 7,  full screen it then zoom in and then use the snipping tool and save a new image bigger or closer in.
Drop that into the slide.
The snipping tool is found in start all programs accessories or put it in search.
You could replace these images if they are just text with captions
windows movie maker gives that option to add custom sized coloured and scrolling text.
You simply place the curser at that place then click on Title or Caption and the box will appear in the center of the screen fonts and adjustments all appear at the top
Here's a guide
philjansAuthor Commented:
The pictures are like car specs: on one side you see the car and on the other there is a whole bunch of specs so I cannot create captions... I need to show the image but in the same quality that windows picture viewer would show... but since I need to put video in between, that's why I combined them into a global video.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Hi - can you open your file explorer, navigate to the video, right click on the file and select Properties?

Now, in the properties pane, click on the Details tab and tell me what the frame size is please Frame height and Frame width ?
Any chance you could attach one of these images so I cant test it with a video.
In Live movie maker, even if I choose high res at 1920x1080 the pictures comes out fuzzy and barely readable!

Are you altering this image in windows movie maker?  and  not giving it enough time to be read.
You can adjust the time to be displayed. in the image timings.
Click edit under video tools here is how long the image will play for. I have done hundreds of clips with images and video and never encountered any problems with images blurring? or fuzzy. That sounds like the image is distorting?
Where do you see this blurring? fuzzy?
In the preview in WMM or after you have rendered the video?
Is the image png or jpeg?
You can also try a couple of other things,
Put the curser on the image>Go to Project just below the video editor here you can choose wide screen or standard.
One will make the image appear bigger one will give black borders.
image wide screen or standard WMM
image wide screen or standard WMMThere is animations which has a zoom in or zoom out different scrolling effects.
The zoom in may help
WMM video tools animations zoom
WMM video tools animations zoom

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philjansAuthor Commented:
Well it help a bit to be less fuzzy but marketing are now looking into another way of doing it.
thanks for your help!
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