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High Memory usage for Windows Internal Database with WSUS on server 2012

I have recently configured a 2012 Vmware instance to be my WSUS server.  I am noticing that it is not running properly and the CPU and the Memory for the Windows Internal Database are spiking.  Is there some tuning I need to do with the windows internal database to make this function better?  Is there a recommended minimum vCPUs and vMemory for this product?
Windows Server 2012WSUS

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How many clients does the wsus servername and what is your detection setting inGPO set to?mi.e. How often is the client configured to check for updates. Once a day is enough .
What else if anything does the system do?
Minimum memory for Windows 2012, how many products/classifications did you choose?

125 clients, checks once a day, minimal other things.  The big problem I see is the spike in the internal database and then it stays up.  I have 8GB of memory and 4 CPU's in use so I think the server is not the problem.
Seth Simmons

when does the cpu spike?
with 125 clients, you shouldn't need 4 cpu; 1 should be enough
memory usage is not unusual; anything exchange or sql related (WID is basically sql embedded) will normally use a lot of memory
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James Murphy

If I restart the windows internal database service, then go into WSUS console and when it tries update the summary the processor goes to 1/2 used and then the memory starts to grow that is being used by the internal database..  I also have another task that is showing a steady 600+MB of memory "IIS Worker Process".  Sometimes the console will time out and allow me to "reset the node".
Seth Simmons

not unusual; my servers do the same thing
i have 110 clients and the IIS memory usage is 720mb and WID 760mb
typically when mmc says the console timed out is because of a long running process such as a cleanup wizard
i would check the application log to see if any services are stating that it isn't working properly

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