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Dlink DAP-2553 clients getting droped

One of my customers has indicated problems with their wireless network.  I did find a firmware update and installed it, 1.30 from the original base firmware.

I noticed that if I go to stat/Client Information I see something called Power Saving Mode either on or off.  I would think, I would want this to be off, but I can not find a setting for it in the Access Point.  Is this setting something that needs to be set on the wireless card and the D-Link Access point is reporting its disposition?

Thanks very much for the expert help

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The issue seems to be some Windows machines and Macbook Pro's. The one user that I talked to indicated the Windows 7 machines wireless would just drop while using, they added I don't have this problem at home.  

I was there the  other day and had my Macbook pro on the network connected for three hours and it did not disconnect. I looked at the Windows machine and unchecked allow the compatriot turn off this device to save power in properties of the wf-fi card.

The Mac users were not on premise at the time of the visit.  

I did some research in Mac forums and it seems like this is a know issue with MacBook pro's and it seems to be centered around two ideas.

1. Apple may have some buggy WiFI hardware that seems to have been installed around 2010 maybe at the start of the  the new model year and they seem to stop late in 2010 at the ned of the year.  --- There maybe some of that buggy hardware still around and frustrated Apple users don't know about the issue.

2. It seems like if the MacBook pro goes to sleep or low power mode the wireless connection is lost