Has anyone been able to join Windows 10 Enterprise to a 2003 AD domain?

We purchased a Surface Pro and installed Windows 10 Enterprise on it.  It goes through the motions of joining our 2003 AD Domain but it does not have access to domain resources.

When we view the firewall settings showing which network the Surface is connected to we see that it is connected to the Public network and NOT the Domain network.  Normally this problem is corrected by moving a desktop back to a workgroup then back to the domain.  In this case this process does not work.

Is there something special about Windows 10 Enterprise joining a domain?
Has anyone else been able to join Windows 10 Enterprise to a 2003 AD domain?
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No, I haven't tried joining a Windows 10 PC to a 2003 domain, but since 2003 is dead, and Windows 10 was released at just around the time when 2003 went EOL, it would be quite reasonable to assume that there wouldn't be any support for an OS that is dead anymore in the new OS, as that would be a waste of resources and time for something no one needs. All 2003 environments should have been upgraded to something newer by now.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
according to this wiki article, windows 10 supports 2003 domains

Frequently Asked Questions: Windows 10
dalvaAuthor Commented:
You confirmed Windows 10 should be able to join an 2003 AD domain.  Now we would like to hear from someone who has actually done it.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
works fine in my test environment
2003 server
dalvaAuthor Commented:
On the Windows 10 desktop if you view the firewall settings, does it show connected to the Domain network?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:

You should keep in mind what rindi said - Consider this: 2003 is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  Microsoft is NOT testing compatibility of patches for Windows 10 working with 2003.  EVEN IF IT WORKS TODAY, it could stop working tomorrow, especially since Windows 10 patching is now automatic and you have little control over it.  There are MANY reasons to upgrade your server - this is just one.  It would be wise to move off 12 year old technology running your business onto something new and in a supported state.

And just because someone has it working doesn't mean it's the exact hardware and software AND PATCH configuration as you - maybe it works for them because they don't have acme chipset drivers that require a certain Windows feature that breaks something in joining an unsupported domain network.

Bottom line - just because it MAY work today (for some) doesn't mean it will tomorrow.  UPGRADE or you could be having a LOT of headaches.
dalvaAuthor Commented:
I agree with every point you make.  Unfortunately our Agency was hit very hard with the Federal sequester and our State shutdown of Redevelopment Agencies.  We are starting to crawl out of the hole.  In the meantime we have to work with what we have.  Sometime in the near future we plan to upgrade a lot of our infrastructure.

It's always challenging to mix old technology with new technology.
dalvaAuthor Commented:
Win 10 Domain JoinI see the same thing you do after a "domain join" but in my case the firewall settings show the computer connected to the Public network NOT the Domain network.

In your case do you see the computer connected to the Domain network?
magodeoz2Sys AdminCommented:
Hello !

Dalva ! Yes, it's working with my SBS 2003 !
dalvaAuthor Commented:

Just to be clear.  If you go to the firewall settings on the Windows 10 client,  does it show connected to the Domain network?
magodeoz2Sys AdminCommented:
Here you have:

firewall screenshot

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dalvaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's input.  This confirms we should continue to try and get Windows 10 to fully join our domain.
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