hosting or or

rgb192 used Ask the Experts™
Domain name is paid for next 3 years on

can I host on or for $25 a year

what are the restrictions.
I heard either or has banner ads or does not allow themes and plugins
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Yes, you can. You can take hosting from Blueshost. It is the best hosting provider with minimum down time.
It depends on your website purpose. If you having commercial sites then go with Good Wordpress hosting.  In case if you have person blogging sites, then go with

on Siteground 
they have a good offer and good service

That's worth the price if you plan to be serious with your blog.

Also the hosting is less flexible theming and plugins...
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I think all your answers are using another host such as bluehost

I want to use wordpress org or com


do you have suggestions using
wordpress org or com
If you are looking for long term site then I'd suggest to purchase hosting instead of going for free hosting.

Moreover it is hard to get Adsense account approved for sites hosted on free environment.

If you use is a lot more limited (features and CSS).
But you will save a lot of time because everything is set for you.

If you want to learn how to setup WP check free course, there is a tons of video on this topic.


If you use is a lot more limited (features and CSS)
please explain by giving examples
On the beginner plan you cannot use custom or premium plugins and code or add plugins etc..

To have a more clear view about the diffs


best answer is comparing


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