Powershell script modification assistance


I have the following script:

Get-AdfineGrainedPasswordPolicy -Filter * | select Name, MinPasswordLength,LockoutDuration,msds-psoappliesto

I am not getting any values returned for msds-psoappliesto. It is a multivalued attribute. It contains a list of group/user DN's

How would I go about retrieving values for this multivalued attribute.

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you might need to iterate it with a foreach {} construct, building your object/output with each iteration.
Parity123Author Commented:
Could you please give me an example. Thanks.
I'm not on an AD system, so I can't test any code.  Are you familiar with foreach {}?
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Parity123Author Commented:
I tried this and it does not return anything for psoappliesto

Get-AdfineGrainedPasswordPolicy -Filter * | select Name, MinPasswordLength,LockoutDuration,@{N="Applies To";E={$_.psoappliesto}}
You should click on the Request Attention link.  You need the help of an expert that has access to an AD system.
Parity123Author Commented:
The following works:

Get-AdfineGrainedPasswordPolicy -Filter * | select Name, MinPasswordLength,LockoutDuration,@{N="Applies To";E={$_.appliesto -join ";"}}

Now I need to get individual element from "AppliesTo", check if it is a group, and if it is a group check managedby properties.
That is where iteration and filtering would happen
DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Could you try this:

Get-AdfineGrainedPasswordPolicy -Filter * | foreach { foreach($item in $_.appliesto) { do something here with $item } }

Basically you are iterating over the AppliesTo property in each PasswordPolicy.
Parity123Author Commented:
The following works

$results = Get-AdfineGrainedPasswordPolicy -Filter *

 foreach($item in $results) { do something here with $item }
DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It is kind of the same thing as I was illustrating.  I was just showing you the way with the Pipeline but getting the results and then iterating them is certainly an option as well.

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