VPN in small area, two rooms on same VLan

Bld. B/Room B is on the school network.  In this room is a 'private' network with a RouterB that is connected to one port on that network.  The devices on the private network cannot/should not be run on the larger network.

Bld. A/Room A is also on the school network, and is on the same VLan as Room B, above.   We need to connect some RoomA computers to the private network in RoomB.     How best to do so?   They are about 500 ft apart.

 One possibility is to use a partitioned hard drive, boot into its 'RoomB' setup, that uses a wireless adapter, and connects to an in-room router.  That router, RouterA, needs to connect via VPN to RouterB.  
I think.  
If this is a good plan, how to connect the two routers over the common VLan they are both connected to?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
So long as the two router have unique outside addresses and different internal subnets, then VPN will work just fine. It will not be real fast, but it will work.

Is it not more feasible to connect internally by Wi-Fi with a range extender or two?
JerryC101Author Commented:
different internal subnets,
Ah, I wasn't sure about that.  

Is it not more feasible to connect internally by Wi-Fi with a range extender or two?

There's a lot of brick and concrete between the two.   With a laptop, I was only able to pick up the signal about 40 ft away.  Once around a  concrete corner it disappeared.    I was looking at some more powerful range extenders, but cannot buy without surety of success.   I did consult with some Cisco guys who had been here on a different project, and they were aware of the likelihood of problems.   Could Two extenders work?   Of course then they'd have to be powered, in an alleyway.
What make and model are these routers, since router a and b are in the same subnet each with its own private network you could enable a routing protocol like rip if it supports it to learn about the networks on each router and communicate that way, you could also setup access rules to secure who can talk to who.
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JerryC101Author Commented:
Linksys e2500.
using rip gives "invalid static route"    I believe I'm using correct settings, but it appears that it doesn't like that both routers are on the same subnet.   am exploring this further, some issue with one router.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You would need good range extenders but to get 500 feet in the environment you have may be difficult. I do not think anyone could guaranty success for you.

You might go back and look at putting the two rooms on different subnets so that a VPN connection can work.
JerryC101Author Commented:
Had to step away briefly.    
The two home type routers are for 'proof of concept' before buying fancier equipment.  

Different subnets; that would lead to other problems for other classes\labs.

I'm looking at softether, a vpn program.   Anyone know anything about it?  
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If different subnets are an issue, do NOT use VPN. VPN demands different subnets. Look at some form of interconnection.

If the project is necessary, you are going to need commercial gear and good range extenders.

You can also try an Ethernet connection. 500 feet can readily be handled by two switches and 3 segments with connections at each end. If you can run the Ethernet, this will be the least expensive way to proceed and it will work.
JerryC101Author Commented:
The project is quite necessary, unfortunately.   It was not planned correctly; oops, I mean not planned at all.   I am just the guy who gets to 'fix' it.  

Run the ethernet
there's no power source in the pathways from one to another, so a switch/repeater can't function.   Unless I get someone to patch into a light fixture.
I did get a vpn connection from one computer in A to the Server12 built in vpn  in the B/private network.   That conflicted with a webpage that server runs, that is part of what this whole thing is about.    I did not get far enough to find if only that server could be accessed, or if the network can be browsed, which is what is necessary.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Take a look at Ethernet Adapters that plug into Power Lines. These things have advanced well and good ones (not cheap one) work very well. That again may solve your problem neatly and very inexpensively.

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JerryC101Author Commented:
Although I put points, I'd still like to and hope for any info as I try to move this forward.  That ok?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks. I think for you the Ethernet Adapters are the best choice. But if you have more questions, I will be more than happy to help.
JerryC101Author Commented:
It looks like we will go with a wireless bridge setup, with an access point in the RmA area.   Those comps will boot into a separate OS that runs usb wireless adapters, and automatically connect to the access point, the bridge, Active Directory for that domain, and the rest of the private network.  Thus they can browse the network, run webpages on servers in that room,  and remain undetected by the rest of the campus.    So far, estimates are under $1k, so not bad.      
Thanks for your comments, they inspired me to look deeper.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and good luck with your connection strategy.
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