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Hello Buds,

I was wondering if anybody can perhaps give me a hand with this script(.cmd) that I need

From a pclis.txt move these computer to a custom OU. Please notice some OUs have spaces in between the names, so I noticed the following eg.

in my own
"CN=Computerkitchen,OU=Acme,OU=USA california,DC=apple,DC=com"

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"For /F  %a in (pclist.txt) do dsmove %a -newparent "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com""

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   it will give me an ERR and would pull only the name from my own pclist, like this

dsmove "CN=Computerkitchen,OU=Acme,OU=USA" -newparent "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=-com"

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    Error pc not found...(I know it's different error I didn't get a chance to write the exact error code)

Any thoughts? or does anybody have a different approach?

in any of the events, thanks for looking out
ivan rosaAsked:
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The "script" you posted will only work in a command prompt, not in a batch script; in a batch script, loop variables like %%a need to have double percent signs.
That said, the default delimiters for "for /f" are space and tab, so if you want to read lines that include either one of these characters, you need to change the delim to none, so that the line won't be broken into tokens:
Command prompt:
For /F "delims=" %a in (pclist.txt) do dsmove %a -newparent "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com"

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For /F "delims=" %%a in (pclist.txt) do dsmove %%a -newparent "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com"

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Note that sometimes text files are saved in Unicode, which "for /f" can't handle directly. A "type ..." helps to avoid that:
For /F "delims=" %%a in ('type "pclist.txt"') do dsmove %%a -newparent "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com"

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Edit: added Unicode hint.

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ivan rosaAuthor Commented:
Sweet!, I can't wait to test it out ... and thanks for schooling me, I  really appreciate it, I took a course for QBASIC and Turbo Basic, back in 1998 but things have changed ever since...

i wish ''notepad++' had the "run" functionality, like  Turbobasic did...Ahhh! good old days!

I'm having trouble with the concepts of tokens vs delims and strings..., once I get that concept of all straight, watch-out you might just get a challenger ;) ..... you know any good books you would recommend?
There are lots of good batch (and other script) examples at http://www.robvanderwoude.com/
And you can start batch scripts easily directly from Notepad++: hit F5 (or "Run > Run..." from the menu bar),, enter (exactly like this) C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /k "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" (the /k keeps the window open once the script is done). You can then optionally click "Save" and assign a hotkey.
ivan rosaAuthor Commented:
This guy is a legend!
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