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How do I stop my W540 laptop switching itself into Airplane Mode?

If I put a battery which has a low charge (~12%) in my laptop then the computer switches itself in to Airplane Mode.
This is a big problem because in Airplane Mode no charging can occur. If I switch to any other power mode then the laptop switches itself back to Airplane Mode.
This does not happen with a charged battery.
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When the Wifi is disabled you may be entering to Airplane mode,so please check whether your wifi is enabled
That is a big laptop, and so you probably need to keep the battery well charged.

Airplane mode should not prevent charging however. I do not know of any setting that would prevent charging. Check power management settings and upgrade the BIOS (Lenovo does issue BIOS updates). If you do update the BIOS, also update Chipset.

It may be that you need to get the laptop serviced.
I just checked Airplane Mode on my ThinkPad X230. Airplane Mode does not prevent charging.

As I noted earlier, check power management settings to make sure Wi-Fi properties are set to Maximum Performance.

Look in Device Manager for the Network Card and make sure in Power Management that it cannot be turned off.

There may be something wrong with the charging circuit because Airplane Mode does not affect charging on my Lenovo ThinkPad.
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Airplane Mode DOES prevent charging on W540 Laptops.
Hopefully Lenovo will supply a fix for this in the future.
I still do not understand what is making my laptop switch to Airplane Mode on its own volition
I should also add that this laptop is only 6 months old.
The Lenovo Forums acknowledge that you cannot charge the battery when in Airplane Mode.
That is strange behaviour, but so long as you are waiting for a fix from Lenovo, the only thing you can do is keep your battery charged much more fully and keep a spare battery fully charged.
I still do not understand what is making my laptop switch to Airplane Mode on its own volition

Check the power management properties I suggested
I have checked the power management properties.
As I previously stated. This problem only occurs when a low charge battery is used and because of this switch to Airplane Mode I cannot charge my spare battery.
The current battery I am using works in all power management modes and , if I switch to Airplane Mode, it does indeed stop charging.
So does anyone have any good ideas how to charge my spare battery?
My spare only got this low because I only recently found out that Airplane Mode stops battery charging by which time the battery was low.
Charge the battery fully in the computer (usually less than half a day), Switch batteries and charge the battery for the second half of the day.

You know there is a problem with the computer itself and we / you cannot fix that.

So keep the batteries charged. This is very easy to do.
Here is a Lenovo link for a very common Lenovo battery that is an external battery charger.

They are about $130 and if it were me, I would just keep the battery charged in the machine.
I have stated numerous times that I cannot charge this battery in the machine as the laptop automatically switches itself to Airplane Mode thus preventing charging.
I normally keep my batteries charged and the only reason this one is not charged is because I did not know about the NON-CHARGING Airplane Mode and when I noticed the problem I changed batteries but now cannot charge the spare.
So try the external battery charger (link above).
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I think your computer has a hardware / BIOS issue that Lenovo must fix.

I observed the following on my machine:  I put it into Airplane mode and Windows changed the power plan. I went out and came back later and the machine had suspended. I changed back to Balanced and am back in operation.

Try changing the Power Plan to Balanced.

Otherwise, try my two suggestions above to charge your low battery.
The external charger you refer to is nor compatible with my battery
I did try all power plans to no avail.

Turning off the computer for a while with the low battery and on charge has worked. Thank you that's one thing that did not cross my mind.
Lenovo have some fixes to produce on this machine. They have linked Airplane Mode to a power plan which switches off charging. It also seems that the system also switches to Airplane mode if the battery is low.
I have all the latest updates on this machine.
I like the way John persisted with me.
@BobWaugh - You are most welcome and I was happy to help. I am glad you got the low battery working again. Cheers!
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Kate Schafer

How I solved this:

1. Pull out the battery to ensure full shutdown
2. Replace the battery
3. Without opening the laptop, plug in your power supply / charger
4. Wait 13-30 minutes for it to charge above 15%
5. Restart
6. Go to settings, power & sleep, additional power settings
7. Delete the airplane power plan