Need to get the correct URL from the web page

the URL of below:  will return the odds for a given race. however there is this drop down list that you can choose to display the odds of "Pre-sell Odds" from "Current Odds".

by default if I use a perl program with above url (via using LWP module), I can get hold of odds of Current Odds,  however, I need the URL to get hold of Odds from Pre-Sell Odds.

So you answer to this question should be a URL that contain the variable to switch "Current Odds" to "Pre-Sell Odds".

The attached perl is able to generate text file from URL of latest Odds for a given race#

perl ST 20151004 1

(please beware that in Hong Kong ST refer to racecourse of Shatin and HV refer to Happy Valley )

Thank you,


Perl program


use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::Simple;
use POSIX 'strftime';
use Cwd;
use Time::Piece;

no warnings;

my $argument_count = scalar @ARGV;
if ( $argument_count ne 4  ) {
    print "Usage: $0 [ ST | HV ]  [ YYYYMMDD ] [ 1 | 2 ... ] [ sleep_sec ]\n";

my $raceplace = $ARGV[0];
my $racedate = $ARGV[1];
my $raceno = $ARGV[2];
my $sleep_n_sec = $ARGV[3];

my $true_race_date = Time::Piece->strptime($racedate, "%Y%m%d");
my $yyyy = substr( $racedate,0,4);
my $mm = substr( $racedate,4,2);
my $dd = substr( $racedate,6,2);
my $web_race_date = $dd."-".$mm."-".$yyyy;

while (1) {
   my $mytime = strftime '%Y%m%d%H%M%S', localtime;
   my $data_file = "odds-data\\".$raceplace.$racedate."_".$raceno."_ODDS_WP_".$mytime.".txt";

   open FILE, "> ".$data_file or die $!;
   my $main_url = "".$web_race_date."&venue=".$raceplace."&raceno=".$raceno;
   my $data = get $main_url;
   print FILE $data;
   my $pool_url = "".$web_race_date."&venue=".$raceplace."&raceno=".$raceno;
   my $pool_data = get $pool_url;
   print FILE  $pool_data;
   close (FILE);
   if ( $sleep_n_sec == 0 ) {
   else {
      sleep $sleep_n_sec;
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tindavidAuthor Commented:
A sample text file that contains the odds for "Current Odds", what I needed is text file for "Pre-Sell Odd" ST20151004_1_ODDS_WP_20151004123938.txt
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
There is not a separate URL for "Pre-Sell Odds".  It is loaded with a function called AJAX that fetches data from the server and replaces the data in the current page.  The URL is but unless you can use their AJAX function, it just returns an error.
tindavidAuthor Commented:
There must be a way that:
after the Pre-Sell Order is select,  the URL executed must contain a phrase of "Pre-Sell Order",  I need to get hold of the xml submitted with that phrase to provide that there is no other way to collect te proper URL or XML to extract the data
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No, there isn't any such thing.  Clicking on Pre-Sell activates JavaScript that ends up at 'refreshOddsDoc' on line 1977 of the source.  'refreshOddsDoc' is probably in one of the external JavaScript files but I don't know which one.
tindavidAuthor Commented:
I have found a solution to extract the pre sell odd in Excel VB using in-memory IE from VBA. the key program code is below: (however if you are able to use the similar method in Perl I will like to do so.)

    url = "" & raceDate & "&venue=" & raceSite & "&raceno=" & raceNo
    'open Internet Explorer in memory, and go to website
    If ie Is Nothing Then
        Set ie = New InternetExplorer
    End If
    'ie.Visible = False
    ie.navigate url
    'Wait until IE is done loading page
    Do While ie.READYSTATE <> READYSTATE_COMPLETE Or ie.Busy = True
        Application.StatusBar = "Trying to go to " & url
    ' <option selected="" value="">Current Odds</option>
    ' <option value="pre">Pre-Sell Odds</option>

    Dim CurrentWindow As HTMLWindowProxy
    Set CurrentWindow = ie.document.parentWindow
    Call CurrentWindow.execScript("changeDataType(" & """" & "pre" & """" & ")")

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tindavidAuthor Commented:
Another method of getting data from a build-in table
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