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Export Crystal Report to Word and open it


I need to export a Crystal Report to Word but I want to open the application rather than have to save to disk.

I've also got the problem that documents exported from the viewer don't seem to be editable.  

Is this possible?

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You need to export to Editable RTF . Then, in  use Shell to open the file.
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Hello, thanks for looking at this.

I'm using VS2008 and I don't get Editable RTF as an export option.  Is it only available in later versions?

Then try RTF. Export to Word is just export to RTF , but the file is renamed to doc.
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Mike McCracken

Are you using the Crystal version that came with Visual Studio?
If so I don't think it includes an RTF export (editable).

Have you tried exporting to PDF then opening the PDF in Word?

Hello, thanks for looking at this.

Yes we are using the version with VS2008. As you say the editable RTF option does not seem to be available.   We have tried exporting to PDF and opening in Word but that does not come across formatted correctly.  I think the solution is to install a PDF editor; we've tried a demo version of one and that seems to work.
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I cannot see a point to purchase a PDF editor.

If you want to generate editable file you can use the free R-Tag Community edition available from here:
It is using newer version of Crystal runtime and supports Editable RTF
Upgrading to VS2013 solved the problem