Using Access and SharePoint as employee activity analytics tool

I need to build an employee activity analytics tool fast, in a matter of 10 days. I was thinking about Access 2013 database and web app, combined to Sharepoint 2013 , to whom all employees register their activities through form, and certain employees should be able to run analysis, which means queries, reports, statistics, etc... However, whilst classic desktop Access is all good, i know not very much so about Sharepoint and Access web apps. I have no Sharepoint in my Office package, so I would like to know what to get and how much is it going to cost, there are around 40 employees whose activity i want to track and analyse. I have a local server, that I'd like to use.
So is this a good way to go? Even better way to be to go SQL database on server, and asp.NET web app, but that would take a lot more than 10 days to build. Plus, with Access I get to import a lot of data from Excel (time)sheets employees currently use to register their activity.
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If everyone entering activities will be on your LAN, there is no need for a web-based solution.  A traditional client/server app will suffice.

Access web apps are very limited in what they can do and so unless you take the time to do an in depth analysis of your requirements, you could be driving down a dead end.  It is imperative that you have a good grasp of what they can and cannot do BEFORE you commit since there is NO conversion path between web and client/server for Access apps.

I couldn't begin to explain to you the Byzantine pricing model of Office and SharePoint so you will need to talk to MS.  You can probably get what you need with one of the business plans so it will cost you about $12 per month per seat.  I'm not sure if this includes SharePoint but it probably includes options you don't need such as email if you already have your own email.  The problem is that you need to get a plan that includes Access (not all of them do) if that is the route you are going and that is what ups the price.

If the data capture is a simple list, you can get a SharePoint subscription much more cheaply and data entry would be done via a SharePoint list.  Then you can use a traditional Access client/server app to link to the SharePoint list and do the analysis.  With this solution, you can have anyone with internet access log in to SharePoint and enter data but all the analysis is done by people with a full Access install.

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10 days is a fairly quick turn around for learning a new product like Access Web app. Sure it's a lot like Access in many ways, but there are gotchas that you really need to be aware of before hand so you don't back yourself in a corner.

As PatHartman suggested - find another solution for the immediate task at hand, and then learn Access Web App when you are able.  MS did a fantastic job of creating several Access Web App templates they provide for free.  Using those templates I've built some very complex data entry solutions in SharePoint in as little as 1 or 2 hours (It's awesome -- but not recommended on a deadline until you know the product).
You can use the standard SharePoint "Audit log reports"
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