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I manage the lotus notes calendars of 4 people. Within 2 diaries there's a subheader under 'views' named invitations where I can see all the invites they've been sent in once place. Is there an easy way to recreate this in the other 2 diaries I manage?
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Do you have access to Lotus Designer client or someone who does there?  If so they can copy the view if it is a shared one or copy the contents of the view into the other mail databases or your company template if you use a non standard one.
clahicAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I don't have access and our IT department haven't been able to help.  I thought it if was relatively easy I could do it myself but it's probably outside of my capabilities!  

Appreciate your response.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Well you can most likely create a new view in the other database the same with a bit of fiddling:

In the database with it in already if you don't have the designer access you can probably do like this:

Either right click on the view and choose "design folder" or "design view" if it offers you that.  If you can do that you can skip steps 1 - 5

1. Create / View
2. Give it a temporary name and if you have the choice view type = Private
3. Copy style from view .... click the button and choose to copy From your Invitations view.
4. It will show in the buttom a "selection formula".  select that and copy it to your clipboard and paste it somewhere for later, e.g. notepad or Word.
5. Save and customise

Now, with it open click on the header of the first column, use the scroll bar to scroll across until last column is showing then, hold down shift then click the last column.  They should show highlighted.

Copy to clipboard - Control C or Edit / Copy
Close that view
It will show under your "Views" heading, you can right click on it and see remove if you want.

Now open the other mail database.

Create / View
Call it Invitations and make it Private view
This time use "copy style from view" as Blank - press the button and select that.
Change the selection conditions box to say "by formula" and type in the details from your notepad from earlier.
Click Save and Customise.
Click on the header of the column in the view and Paste, i.e. Control V or Edit / Paste.
highlight the extra column you don't want that was already there and press the delete button to remove it.
Press F9 will refresh and show you what the view will show
Press Escape and save it.

You can do this last section again for the other mail databases - the columns will stay on the clipboard unless you use the clipboard for something else in another app. etc.

Really not as hard as it sounds, just copy & pasting!

If someone has designer access it is copy/paste in one go.


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Thinking about it a different way depending upon which version you use if you go into the calendars there may be under "lists" a view called Entries & Notices, though that shows you the appointments in list form aswell as the rest.
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