How can I be sure a windows volume will boot up before restarting the server

How can I be sure a Windows server volume is good and will boot up or be presented as "Online" by the operating system before I restart the server?
ei00004Network AdministratorAsked:
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You can't be sure without trying. But if you check the state of your disks in your RAID management tool and they are OK, and if your eventlogs don't show anything out of the ordinary, it is likely it will boot fine. If your server has an iDRAC or ILO (or similar, depending on what the manufacturer used) that should also show you the state of the hardware.
ei00004Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but actually I'm looking more towards the boot partition, not so much with hardware problems. I thought about using something like "Chkdsk" to scan a volume for boot errors before I restart the server. I had a data volume that would not go online after the server was reboot, even though the volume was online and accessible before the server was rebooted.
As I mentioned already, there really is no way to be sure it boots without trying. Chkdsk doesn't check for boot errors, but rather for problems with the file-system, and depending on the options used (/f /r for example) it will try fixing any file-system errors it finds while booting. This wouldn't prevent the server from booting, but it can take a long time for the boot process to finish and the server to get accessible.

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ei00004Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I also had a file-system that would not mount or go online. After running chkdsk (drive letter) /F it fixed the errors and allowed the volume to be mounted. I don't remember which error messages chkdsk displayed during the repair. Would you happen to know which chkdsk error messages would point to a problem that would stop a volume from mounting?
No, but generally those would be errors it wouldn't be able to repair. If something like that happens it is very likely that your real issue comes from bad hardware, like failing disks or bad RAM, as that would usually cause file-system corruptions.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
CHKDK can tell you that it is fixing the cross linked file errors. This is the worst thing that can happen to the file system. It means that aome sectors in file system are considered be busy or empty bur in metadata file they are marked either used or marked. And chkdsk starts moving the data there where it must not be moved. This can cause the boot problems with Windows in case any boot data is affected. But the possibility is 50/50 that you get this proglem with boot data.
So after chkdsk does its work you can say with 90% sureness that it will boot. Still there is 10% chances that it could cause any problems. But luckily you can fix them with an installation media for Windows installation. Fixboot and fixmbr fix these problems if the whole file system is not damaged.
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