Unable to sync Outlook calendar and notes from Outlook.

My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64. I'm trying to sync my calendar and notes from my Outlook to my iPhone 6 Plus using iTunes To accomplish this, I go to the "Info" tab in iTunes but noticed the message indicating that MS Outlook needs to be installed. MS Outlook is indeed installed on my computer. The OS version on my iPhone is 9.0.2 . What can I do to fix this?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If MS Outlook / Office is installed (not Outlook.com) then I suggest you repair both Office and iTunes from Control Panel, Programs and Features.

Repair Office first, then restart, then repair iTunes and restart again. Then test to see if you can now see Outlook in iTunes.

I have Office / Outlook, iTunes newest version and iPhone newest OS and sync works fine.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Followed the instructions above to no avail. Anything else I can try?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make a new, test Windows User Profile (User Account). Log into the new Windows Account. Set up Outlook and try iTunes in the new Windows Account.

Does it work in the new Windows Account?   yes/no?

If so, you may have a damaged Windows Profile.

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joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Let me inform you that this is a brand new install of Windows 10. I do not feel the profile can be corrupt. I restored all playlist from a backup, but not sure if that has anything to do with this problem. Here's what I notice. I ran the app as an admin and now see the option to sync calendar with Outlook. However, no option to sync notes with outlook. I am a local admin on the box I am running iTunes from.

joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Even though the sync calendar with Outlook option is available when running the app as an admin, it still did not sync successfully.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try uninstalling Office completely and iTunes completely. Restart, install Office and get it working. Make sure the version of Office is decently new (Office 2010 or greater).

Then install iTunes and check iTunes. You do not need to be admin for iTunes sync to work.

If this does not work, try the new Windows Profile to see.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Uninstalling iTunes and outlook and reinstalling both those applications did no good. I did however created a new windows profile and that seem to work. However, in iTunes I do not have the option to sync notes from outlook. Anything I can try to get that feature back?
Sorry, but you can't sync IOS 9 Notes to Outlook if, when you installed IOS 9, you chose to convert IOS Notes to the new format that allows new features like attachments. The new Notes format on IOS 9 is no longer a simple text format that Outlook understands, so Apple, in their infinite wisdom, just eliminated Notes synchronization with Outlook.

Quite a few folks in Apple's forums are upset (to put it mildly) about the change:
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes, I saw that defect after I posted here. My calendar and contacts continue to sync properly but Notes do not sync.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
That certainly sucks! Will Apple fix this issue in either their next iTunes or iOS 9 update?
In short: No (at least not yet.)

Many Apple owners would like them to provide at least some method to convert their Notes back to the text format, assuming they chose the one-way conversion to the new style Notes, and are even willing to lose any attachments or drawings they have created to get Outlook-compatible Notes that synchronize back. Quite a few users are arguing that Apple didn't sufficiently explain the side-effects (nice way of saying 'consequences') of converting their Notes.

AFAIK, to date, Apple has not commented or even responded to complaints about this issue.

BTW, if you think that any replies here have answered your original question(s) feel free to mark one or more as Accepted Solutions.
@joukiejouk: Thank you. I hope we were able to keep you from tearing your hair out. I know that troubleshooting can get hairy when you are trying to solve multiple issues. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news about IOS Notes. I have that problem too, which is why I had already researched and knew the answer.

It will be interesting to see when and how Apple addresses it. IMHO, no company has the right to irreversibly convert my data to any proprietary format and limit my access to it to only their product, especially without two "Are you sure?" and at least one final "Are you absolutely sure?" prompts to make me seriously reconsider my answer .
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@joukiejouk - Thanks. I will be watching Apple on this one.
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