How can I point my domain name to my  server's IP?

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My domains are currently registered at go daddy, and i need to understand the logic of pointing that domain to my server, i need a step by step explanation to help me get a full understanding of what i am doing, so if i have to do it again i can understand what to do. so how is it done using go daddy? please help.
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The domain is pointed wherever you like using the DNS.
Assuming you purchased DNS hosting with your domain name(s), then you need to use go-daddy's DNS management console, there's a couple of different options depending on which you purchased so it's difficult to say exactly how to do it, but as a guide check out:

If you just want basic stuff pointing to your server, change the A record to point to the IP of your server, if you want mail to come to your server change the MX record to your server IP.
You'll obviously need the corresponding things running on your server, like a web server and Mail server...

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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

the anser i received for this question was not a good one for my problem. i found out what to do elsewhere. thanks

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