My code php code does not update Mysql, need help to get id_user

I think i do not  establish $cmember['id_user'] after the post submit is made? I belive i don't seem to be sending the payer id after form post is made. how could i establish user id, or any other way around?
Pressing accept or reject, refreshes the page, but does not update 'users' table
include ("top_tpl.php");
$clan = mysql_fetch_array(count_query("SELECT * FROM `clans` WHERE `id` = '".$row['clan']."'"));
$zap_cmember = count_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `clan` = '".$clan['id']."' AND `clan_stat` = 'Pending'");



                    if (isset($_POST['Yes']))
                        count_query("UPDATE `users` SET `clan_stat`='Member', read_msg='0' WHERE `id_user`='".$cmember['id_user']."'");
                        $time = date('j.n.y H:i');
                        count_query("INSERT INTO `message` (`time`, `to`, `text`, `metka`) VALUES ('".$time."', '".$cmember['name']."', 'You were accepted into the clan <a href=clan.php>".$clan['name']."</a>', '6')");
                        echo "<script>location.href='clan_plac.php'</script>";
                    else if (isset($_POST['No']))
                        count_query("UPDATE `users` SET `clan`='0', read_msg='0' WHERE `id_user`='".$cmember['id_user']."'");
                        $time = date('j.n.y H:i');
                        count_query("INSERT INTO `message` (`time`, `to`, `text`, `metka`) VALUES ('".$time."', '".$cmember['name']."', 'Your application to join clan <a href=clan.php?id=".$clan['id'].">".$clan['name']."</a> rejected', '6')");
                        echo "<script>location.href='clan_plac.php'</script>";
                $ind = 0;
                while ($cmember = mysql_fetch_array($zap_cmember))
                    echo "<form method='post'><tr><td><a href='player.php?id=".$cmember['id_user']."' target='_blank'>".$cmember['name']."</a></td><td><input type='submit' name='Yes' value='Accept'><input type='submit' name='No' value='Reject'></td></tr></form>";
                if ($ind == 0)
                    echo "No applications";

<?php include ("footer_tpl.php");?>

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Andrius MoAsked:
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
Lines 13, 15, 20, and 22 assume that $cmember has already been set.

But it is not set until line 26.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
You probably want to discard this and start over.  The MySQL extension is being removed from PHP, so you need to choose MySQLi or PDO instead.  This article can help you make the conversion, and it also shows how to use the SQL extensions and test for success or failure, and how to visualize any errors.

Please read it over and if you're still stuck on anything, post back and we can help with the specifics.

If you're new to PHP and want some good learning resources, this article can help.
Andrius MoAuthor Commented:
thanks, added line "$cmember = mysql_fetch_array($zap_cmember);" to the top and it helped
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