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How to recreate cloudflare's rocket loader and spdy functionality on my site withou Cloudflare?

I have a website with and EV SSL certificate. I had it on Cloudflare before the certificate arrived but once it did I realized that since it is a custom signed certificate to be able to continue showing my site's signature Cloudflare demands an exorbitant 200$ per month! The problem is that I can't turn on even the free functions of Cloudflare anymore due to this and am at a loss given that my site was a lot faster before with Cloudflare's rocket loader working.

Cloudflare also has a couple of other tools called Spdy and rail gun which also help speed up ssl sites and of course there is rocket loader. Is there a any way these can still be used thrown some manual configuration, without having to fork out money I don't have to them?

I use cpanel by the way. Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.
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I am not familiar with the term "custom signed certificate". You mean self-signed?
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No sorry
It is a geotrust certificate with company name and green bar - this is the highest level of verification as they check your company status and persons etc
Just google EV ssl certificates
To the rest of your question, SPDY is not unique to Cloudflare. It's a newer version of HTTP. See: It's been experimental, but I believe has now been adopted or absorbed into HTTP/2.

As far as "speeding up SSL connections" that's mostly hogwash on the modern web. SSL connections used to be slower because of the initial handshake that's required to exchange the keys for the encryption. But modern crypto is so fast and efficient, this overhead is really not worth worrying about unless you're Google scale.

Lastly, RailGun appears to be their proprietary version of on-the-fly / stream data compression to get content between their nodes. You won't be able to duplicate this without creating your own CDN.
Cpanel and spdy don't seem to agree :(
How about rocket loader?
OK. Just call it an EV Cert.

I think it's ridiculous that they want $200 / month to host your EV cert. That falls into the category of "Go home Cloudflare. You're drunk." or "Ok Cloudflare, now you're just making things up."

Unless you need what cloudflare offers (CDN, anti-ddos, etc...) then you could just drop them for VPS hosting. Put other large resources that you need on Rackspace, which has SSL, and be done with it.
CPanel has nothing to do with SPDY. You can have Either without the other.

CPanel is a group of scripts for server management. SPDY is a protocol. Either your hosting provider supports it or they don't.
I have a vps with linode and am very satisfied
I only use Cloudflare for dns parsing and speed :(
Rocket loader is just javascript that loads resources in the background instead of during page load. This is something that a competent web developer should be doing anyway.

It seems like it's a preboxed version of the advice that Google PageSpeed gives when it tells you to remove blocking IO. (See:

It makes it appear that the page loads faster even though some resources still take seconds to load, but since they do it in the background, it's not as noticeable.

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Also, since you're running a VPS, if you have access to the shell, and can add / remove Apache2 modules, there's this:

That gives you SPDY.
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