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Append parameter to redirect

I am trying to redirect to another page after inserting a value

 ' append the query string to the redirect URL
    Dim MM_editRedirectUrl
    MM_editRedirectUrl = "parties_SPaddlinks.asp?NewUserId=<%=(rs_contact.Fields.Item('UserId').Value)%>"

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But I am getting a syntax error. What would the correct syntax be ?

Using classic ASP.
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It worked like this:

MM_editRedirectUrl = "parties_SPaddlinks.asp?NewUserId=" & (rs_contact.Fields.Item("UserId").Value)

I tried to add another parameter but my syntax did not work:

 MM_editRedirectUrl = "parties_SPaddlinks.asp?NewUserId=" & (rs_contact.Fields.Item("UserId").Value) & relation =" & Request("relation")

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Sorry I should have asked with two parameters so I could add more later on if needed.
you're essentially concatenating a string, so your format should be:

varName = "some text" & aVariable & "some more text" & anotherVariable

you're missing a beginning quote on your second example, it should be:

MM_editRedirectUrl = "parties_SPaddlinks.asp?NewUserId=" & (rs_contact.Fields.Item("UserId").Value) & "relation =" & Request("relation")