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windows desktop

when a users logs to  his windows 7 64 bit through VDI , any changes he does reverts back.

his c drive space is getting full. he cleans drive but when he logs to VDI  back again c drive shows almost full again.

Also he tried to  delete all the shorcuts and files on his desktop 
to free up space
but when he restart vdi they come  back

anything I should do should do
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Brian Murphy
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VDI on what?  Hyper-V, ESX, Xenserver?

Windows OS using VMWare Workstation, Oracle Box?

If VMWare ESXi, what version?  How as the VDI instance allocated from storage perspective?

Citrix XenDesktop VDI?  

Using MCS or PVS?

What version?
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Chances are it's simply how the gold image was created.

At it's simplest, VDI images are non persistent - they get spun up and a user connects. When the user logs off, the image is effectively destroyed and reverts back to whatever is on the gold image.

There are two possible options in this scenario - check the gold image out and remove the files (but this strongly assumes no one else requires them), or expand the virtual disk so there's more space available.

Or provide this one user a private, persistent image but this potentially becomes a management nightmare.

If there's enough space, just expand the disk would probably be the safer option.

There are other ways around it, but I'm going for the simplest choices.