How can I correct a problem in Event View

One of the laptops that we use at home has 12,485 ERROR or CRITICAL listings in the event view listing.  I just found out today because I don't use that machine.  It does not have any protective software installed.  What do you recommend I do to clean it up?  It's a Windows 7 laptop.
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Can you save that Event Log and upload it for us?
You can check what the error codes actually mean by doing a lookup in a search engine, like 0x0001234. Once you know what the errors are about you have to predict how the health of your operating system is.

Depending on how well the system is still working i would just reinstall Windows 7 and start fresh.

If it's still working well and without too many problems or unexpected errors, the first thing you'd have to do is install a virus-scanner and run it through the entire system (active processes, memory, disks).

After that you might still want to run anti-spyware software to make sure nothing is bugging you anymore.
camtzAuthor Commented:
can u recommend the software
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Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Hi Camtz,

The Windows operating system has hundred, if not thousands, of things happening all the time. Processes and scheduled tasks are starting and stoping even when the computer is idle.

The errors that are showing up may be due to one of these processes or tasks failing due to other tasks running at the same time, the next time they run it all is fine.

Before diving deep into the event logs and trying to rectify every problem, can I ask is there a reason you are looking at the event logs? Is there an issue with the computer that you are trying to diagnose?
camtzAuthor Commented:
Robert,  I received a ESTRANGED call from a guy pretending to be with Dell computer and claimed that their data base was getting a lot of error messages from that computer and he wanted me to buy three pcs of software RIGHT NOW to fix the problem.  I'm sure he wasn't with Dell because the computer is about five or six yrs old and I don't have any kind of maintenance contract with them.

What bothers me is that he new the computer was having issues.  I don't know how he knew that.
Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Hi Camtz,

I have herd a number of cases like yours. Person pretending to be Dell, HP or Microsoft claiming they have received strange behavior from your computer (even though they don't monitor people's computers). They always ask you to go to event viewer and show you all the "horrible" errors and warnings. They will try to sell you software or remote access to "fix" the so called problems.

Glad to see you caught on and did not purchase the software.

You have mentioned you are having issues with the your new computer. Could you explain the issues, maybe we are able to help.
camtzAuthor Commented:
This computer, as I said is 5 or 6 years old and it seems to work okay but sometimes when printing an email, it will cut off the last word or two on the right margin.  That is the only complaint I have heard about so far.
Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Hi Camtz,

Thank you for providing the issue being experienced on the computer. From the sounds of the issue it would more likely be a print configuration issue. This would not require review of the computer's event log.

To assist with determining the cause of the issue, with an email displaying this issue could you please perform a print preview or print to PDF and see if it still cuts of the last two words.

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camtzAuthor Commented:
Will do and let you know.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I'm going to work on the problem and feel pretty sure I can work it out.  Thanks again
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