IS it possible to declare a array variable inside a stored procedure of SQL ?

I tried with the below code but its throwing an error.
Gowtham RamamoorthyAsked:
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Exactly what language context are you using that code in please?

VARCHAR2 is an Oracle data type (not avaliable in mssql) but you have chosen 3 MSSQL topics

Oh. and if anything throws an error please include the FULL text of that error (error code and any explanation)
Ryan ChongCommented:
you can try declare it as a Table:
declare @arr table(v VARCHAR(10))

insert into @arr(v) values ('2421')
insert into @arr(v) values ('1531')
insert into @arr(v) values ('7721')
insert into @arr(v) values ('9421')
insert into @arr(v) values ('1051')

select * from @arr

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Vikas GargBusiness Intelligence DeveloperCommented:

You can not declare an array but you can declare table variable in the SQL stored procedure which would work for you.

DECLARE @ArrayTable Table (Col1 int, Col2 Varchar(50))

Hope this will help you.
Or if you need further help explain with example why you need to declare array inside Stored Procedure

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Ryan ChongCommented:
@Gowtham Ramamoorthy, glad that you found the solution cheers
Gowtham RamamoorthyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ryan. But actually I have just started to code a procedure. I dont know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Need your help for sure.
Ryan ChongCommented:
@Gowtham Ramamoorthy, I just want to highlight one thing...

It seems you're quite new to this site, but what I mean is that my suggestion is same as what Vikas Garg had proposed, is there any reason why you accepted his suggestion but not give a same fair grade to my suggestion as well? it seems that both of us posted within an interval of 1 min but my suggested was posted first.
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