Transactional Replication issue due to big Transaction Log in sql server 2008 r2

I want an answer of question and that would be highly appreciated


First of all i am an IT guy from Sports Field and using SQL Server 2008R2. I have 2 production servers server 1 and Server 2 both are using SQL Server Transactional Replication [whereas Server 1 is Processing Major Database Operations crawlers and xml parsers data translation and many more stored procedures. it’s a publisher] [Server 2 mostly contains Websites that are used to show sports data on website and it’s a subscriber]

Actual Data file size is around 3 GB on server 1
Actual Data file size is around 1 GB on Server 2
The problem is that Server 1’s Log file size is increasing with uncertainty let say it grows over the night and jumps to 14 – 15 GB normally if i do not shrink the size with simple recovery model. Usually i am using Full Recovery model because of Replication. I know that it’s pretty much load but that thing was not growing until i tried to make DB’s errors rectified.

Due to log size increase replication between both servers struck. some of my queries also contain nolock because previous problems until my joining was deadlocks in that DB. Now it’s around 85% less. :)

I already took and implement a Transaction log because someone posted that it might be helpful to take Log backup it helps to reuse the free space of log but there is no success indeed suppose a backup log which was using around 2 Gb log Once and had around 1600 MB free so the log backup which i initiated was around 400MB. but still the space 1600 MB was enaged to log.

please help / suggest a solution to automaticaly clear DB’s Transaction log. Summary.

Irregular / uncertainty in growing of Transaction Log and not releasing space

Transactional Replication between both servers stopped due to Transactional log (I think)

One more thing : i got an errors from log reader.

Error codes are (355, 298, 165, 382, 18456, 4060).
There are only 2 users sa, sqladmin
Umair QamarAsked:
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
How often are you performing transactional backups?
Umair QamarAuthor Commented:
2 hours for transacational backups
full backups are performing after 12 hours
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
So you are performing a transactional backup every 2h and even like that is growing 14GB-15GB during those 2h?
In these kind of situations you should reduce the tlog backup period. I would recommend 15 minutes for transactional log backup. You may want to replace the Full Backup frequency as well, to once by day (during no or less database activitiy period) and then add a Differential backup to run on the middle of the day so won't impact to much the performance of the database.
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Umair QamarAuthor Commented:
around 2 - 3 days of testing in my observation, due to transactional backup implementation now i got max increment is around 6500 MB and data file is between 3200 MBs. The other MBs (size) was taken by log file. I think it's normal. What would you say about it?
The websites i am handling are sports and statistics based and have a great web traffic on weekends due to matches of soccer and football.
Any more suggestions will be highly appreciated plus i do implement differential backups as you suggest. Log strength / threshold is 35000 MBs.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
The websites i am handling are sports and statistics based and have a great web traffic on weekends due to matches of soccer and football
Ok, this justifies the transactional log grow. I would go for a 15 minutes or at maximum 30 minutes periodical transactional log backup. More than 30 minutes will make the transactional log grow too much.

Any more suggestions will be highly appreciated plus i do implement differential backups as you suggest. Log strength / threshold is 35000 MBs.
With large databases my recommendation is to have more than one data file. This won't have impact on the database size but can help having faster full and differential backups. Also will improve database performance.

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Umair QamarAuthor Commented:
thanks Vitor Montalvão
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