iPhone download complete email by default

Hello - When collecting emails from my POP server using my iPhone it appears to only download a part of the message and I need to click the link in the message to grab the remainder. How do I make it download the whole message by default.
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"How do I make it download the whole message by default."

Settings>Mail> Contacts Calendar
Under the mail area, change the "show" messages to maximum Under each account change "mail days to sync" to "no limit"

No setting changes that will give 100% success because of the way emails work especially if there is an attachment, also this may be an iOS glitch.

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TedMoreyAuthor Commented:
Hi Michael-Best

The first link you suggest describes what I'm seeing - i.e. "I found I had a new email, but only the title and sender appeared in the Mail app." However the suggested resolution describes going to Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendar > Mail and changing the "show" messages to maximum + under each account change "mail days to sync" to "no limit". Unfortunately I can't these options and I note that the post was from July 2012, so I guess the iOS UI has changed since then. Any ideas where they have gone?
TedMoreyAuthor Commented:
Hi again Michael - I saw in my other question that you mention that I have duplicated this message. This is not the case, I am having 2 separate problems. The other problem is affecting just my gmail account - whereas this one applies to all my accounts. Any idea about where the options referred to in the post have moved to in the iOS UI?
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Update to iOS 9 release September 16, 2015

If you still have problems post again after the update.
TedMoreyAuthor Commented:
Hi again Michael.

I re-read your original reply + tried the second suggestion which states...

"While using the native email clients for the iPhone and iPad, we noticed that in approximately 10-15% of our test emails, the reader only displayed a small segment of the original email. When this happens, it renders the loaded portion of the email with a button at the bottom which reads: "Download remaining XX bytes." Often times the button appears below the fold, especially in landscape view, making it easy to miss. Most of the time, when the button is touched the remainder of the email is rendered. In other instances, we've seen it load a second portion of the email with no option for downloading the remainder. When the device is flipped from portrait to landscape the entire message shows, when it is flipped back the entire message remains - which leads us to believe that this is an iOS glitch."

This appears to do the trick - thanks for the suggestion.

Glad to help.
Thanks for the feedback.

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