Netscaler 10.1 & Citrix Web Interface

Hi experts,

I have newly installed netscaler and am using 90 days trial license. i followed a youtube video to set it up but am struggling to get it to present me the citrix web interface page?

We have a citrix server in the LAN and the netscaler is also inside the LAN. The ony thing i suspect is that i am unbale to ping hostnames even though i have configured DNS settings?

when i enter the url it does seem to hit the internal xenapp1 but nothing after that?

any ideas please?
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Brian MurphyIT ArchitectCommented:
You have to configure Web Interface for "Gateway Direct".

Then, enter the FQDN of your Netscaler Gateway.  Such as,

Then, on Netscaler it depends if you have a load balanced VIP and setting up a Secure Gateway VPN vServer for ICA Proxy.

Many configuration steps.
badabing1Author Commented:
Hi Brian

I have set it to Gateway Direct and i have used my FQDN. there is nothing set on netscaler other than Access Gateway?

Brian MurphyIT ArchitectCommented:
Well, yea there is.... You need a session policy.
That is what I call it, anyway.


But instead of Storefront, see that "Published Application Tab"?

Set Access to Allow

For Web Interface, that points to your internal Web Interface or a load balanced VIP.

If you have one WI, most likely the internal IP and PATH so; http://192.168.X.X/Citrix/Mysite/Auth/logon.aspx

Just a guess on the path

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badabing1Author Commented:
hi agian,
you are a genius mate- i think i got it working to an extent internally, let me try more setting according to the article you have provided.

do you have a easy to follow article for creating a certificate for netscaler please?  

i will be back with an update.

badabing1Author Commented:
hi any update on creating SSL certificate please? I created a selfcert within netscaler and used 512 key which is not loading web page from outside.

I think I need to create a cert key with 1024 but looking for best practice steps?

Brian MurphyIT ArchitectCommented:
You need minimum 2048 Bit, SHA256.

Creating a key is easy.  First create a Private Key, use RSA.  Save as mykey.rsa

Then create a CSR, using the Wizard.  Certificate Request.

Self signed won't work for most applications.

I have a document I wrote, but it tells you how to create a F4, RSA 2048 Bit Private Key Certificate and use that to create a CSR which I use Verisign to obtain the CER.

Then, you need to download the Intermediate and Root CA in x509 format.

It is an extensive list of steps.
Actually, I might just publish it.  I'm new here and it would make a good publication.
badabing1Author Commented:
yes sure please do publish it and let me know the link to it?
badabing1Author Commented:
Hi Brian,

Any news on that document you were going to publish?

Also- are there anymore settings I need to configure on Netscaler Gateway for Citrix as a bests practice re connectivity  from netscaler to my internal network?

Any advise why I cant ping hostnames inside my network from Netscaler, even though Netscaler is on the same network, i.e. it is not in the DMZ?

badabing1Author Commented:
Got the web interface working with Netscaler.
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