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Read spool files from iseries in C#

I am trying to read spool files from iseries in C# with the cwbx library, to that avail i have read the api and called the QUSCRTUS API in order to create an user space and then QUSLSPL to fill the user space with my user's spool data.

So far so good, i can see the user space being filled with the info i need:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Ø0100SPLF0100QUSLSPL   1151007110852C   h   {   Y   ¢   ø   
    Ç       ì                                                    FLEON     QGPL      SPLF0100*CURRENT  *ALL                *ALL
                                           xxxxxxxxFLEON     *ALL                FLEON     QGPL                                
*ALL    *ALL                        FLEON     PRTCAJOD20QGPL      *STD      FLEON      i   ?» pà'e ®ø  G W   µià'wÇô}       FLE
ON     PRTCONT01 QUSRSYS   *STD      SIPD93     i   "ë q @ lÚ   èM´    ié@ÑÆ/-       FLEON     PRTINF01  QUSRSYS   *STD      HJ
PD05     i   ø  qÀ¦ü¶³}  D Õ   àiÀ¥] É\       FLEON     PRTVILLA05QUSRSYS   CHEQUES   FLEON      i   r  pø_ ½ ø   Õ'   ãiø_ j \
       FLEON     RGI462    QUSRSYS   *STD      CLPD741    i   h  ºmi)oNø  åÕ    ÏimýS Aµ       FLEON     PRTCON0206QUSRSYS   *S
TD      HJPD27     i   +¿ rk:ôá{{         ik:T  °       FLEON     PRTPACO   QUSRSYS   *STD      SIPD93     i   "ë q @ lÚ   Ñã· 
   i<º3 ê\       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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My problem is that i don't know how to call the QUSRTVUS API in order to read the user space. I don't want to call any service program or code something in the iseries, i want everything to be done in my C# application. When i call the api i only see some x's instead of the list entries i need to then call the final API to read the contents.

Here's the call i am doing:

                programPointer.LibraryName = "QSYS";
                programPointer.ProgramName = "QUSRTVUS";
                programPointer.system = system;

                ProgramParameters parametersPointer = new ProgramParameters();
                //nombre userspace creado anteriormente
                parametersPointer.Append("usrspcnam", cwbrcParameterTypeEnum.cwbrcInout, 20);
                stringConverterUsrspcnam.Length = 20;
                parametersPointer["usrspcnam"].Value = stringConverterUsrspcnam.ToBytes("FLEON     QGPL      ");
                parametersPointer.Append("posicion", cwbrcParameterTypeEnum.cwbrcInout, 4);     
                LongConverter packedCovertedPosicion = new cwbx.LongConverterClass();
                parametersPointer["posicion"].Value = packedCovertedPosicion.ToBytes(1);
                parametersPointer.Append("longitud", cwbrcParameterTypeEnum.cwbrcInout, 4);
                LongConverterClass packedConverterLongitud = new cwbx.LongConverterClass();
                parametersPointer["longitud"].Value = packedConverterLongitud.ToBytes(140);
                parametersPointer.Append("receptor", cwbrcParameterTypeEnum.cwbrcOutput, 4);

                Structure sc = new Structure();
                sc.Fields.Append("userarea", 64);
                sc.Fields.Append("sizeheader", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("structurelevel", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("formatname", 8);
                sc.Fields.Append("apiused", 10);
                sc.Fields.Append("datecreated", 13);
                sc.Fields.Append("infostatus", 1);
                sc.Fields.Append("usersize", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("offsetinput", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("sizeinput", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("offsetheader", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("sizeheader", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("offsetlist", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("sizelist", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("numberlist", 4);
                sc.Fields.Append("sizeentry", 4);
                sc.Bytes = parametersPointer["receptor"].Value;
                StringConverter datos = new cwbx.StringConverterClass();
                string dat = datos.FromBytes(sc.Fields["apiused"].Value);
                dat = datos.FromBytes(sc.Fields["datecreated"].Value);

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I am using the SPLF0100 format. My problem could be that the API is expecting binary variables instead of char or integers, so i may not know how to properly convert the data in the parameters. I tried to use a structure as shown above but i don't know if the length of each field can be declared literally from the api, which shows each field type and size.

For reference, the api documentation is in
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Francisco Leon


I can read from the receptor variable all variables that can be mapped to chars, such as "datecreated". I am just having trouble with the variables that are supposed to be binary, such as "numberlist"
'Starting position' and 'Length of data' are both 4-byte (32-bit) binary integers.

Of more concern, though, might be that the content of the user space is going to be EBCDIC and including various printer controls, along with various binary integer values for lengths, offsets, etc. That means that you need to ensure that no EBCDIC/ASCII conversion happens when a buffer comes across the connection and that you process buffer data bytes accordingly.
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Francisco Leon

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i fixed it myself