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Calculated single value Text Fields display with scroll arrows

I have been using Notes designer for years and have never come across this and it's driving me nuts.
I have a mail-in database where I use @Abstract on the body field to convert to to text and then extract values from this text into calculated text fields on the Memo form. These fields are set to type text and not Allow multiple values and use Native OS Style.
Rather than go into to much detail I attach a picture of how they display.
Why do they display like a Combo with arrows?
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Perhaps a carriage return in there?  Try with @trim(fieldname) or @trim(@ThisValue) in the field etc?
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Was hoping you may have seen this. All duly trimmed.
Example of my formula for extracting the text.
@Abstract([TextOnly];2000;"";"Body") to give me BodyText field.
Then from this e.g. to extract the email address
ContactEmail:= @If(
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"contact us");@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"message");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"enquiry for product")&@Contains(@LowerCase(BodyText);"keepme") ;@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email : ");"keepme");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"enquiry for product");@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"Product name");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"registration for real demonstration")&@Contains(@LowerCase(BodyText);"keepme") ;@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"keepme");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"registration for real demonstration");@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"Product name");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"product registration");@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"productserialnumber");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"registration for downloads") ;@Left(@Right(BodyText;"email :");"company");
@Contains(@LowerCase(Subject);"newsletter");@Right(BodyText;"signup :");

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Blurred text
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Steve, you are the man!!
How you spotted that without seeing the email body is beyond me but you are correct, the body does have a carriage return between fields and using @Newline as the endpoint for the selection it now works perfectly.
00:20 here so I shall sleep better tonight.
Many, many thanks!!
Many thanks again.
Key point here is that @Trim does not remove carriage returns.
No worries, 0:20 here too.... had this left on screen before I went out!

You can also use something like @replacesubstring(whatever;@newline;"") to get rid of carriage returns too.