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I am aware that Forefront is an end of life product, but would like to extend it's usefullness through the 2020 extended support period offered by Microsoft. To do so requires that the web config be changed to support Windows 10 (completed successfully) and that the Advanced Policy Editor for Windows be used to add Windows 10 to the Endpoint Policy settings of Personal Firewalls.  As shown in the attachment, Windows 10 has been added (and the configuration has been saved with no reported errors), but when accessing the associated portal site Forefront still does not recognize the Windows 10 firewall.  Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue?Policy Editor code changesResults after Policy Editor config update
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Still not able to get Forefront UAG to recognize Edge browser or Windows 10 firewall. To work around the firewall issue I installed a personal firewall (selected from a list of several). Specifically, I installed and successfully tested the Zone Alarm personal firewall. After a week of testing I have confirmed that UAG recognizes the zone alarm firewall and allows access, and also that Zone Alarm plays very well with the Windows 10 firewall. Note that when Zone Alarm is installed it turns off the Windows 10 firewall by default. I manually turned it back on and have observed no issues.

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