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How convert Word table to Access table

I have a Word document that has a table that looks like:

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or at least I think its a table (I'm not a Word expert).

How can I convert this to a table in Access.  There are approx. 100 fields in total and I don't want to hand create the fields if I don't have to.

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Select the Word table and go to  Table/Convert Table to Text
Use the Separate the Text using Tabs option
Go to  File/Save As  and change the Save as Type to “Text only”. Save and close the file.
Open your Access database (create a new one if needed)
Right-click an empty area of the Tables Object list and select Import
Change the Files of Type to Text Files
Select your text file you saved earlier and work through the Import Text Wizard
Do you have a sample word doc to upload so that we can try to import it into Access database?

Also, pls provide the table design so that we know how to map the values in Word to Access. What ver of Access are you using?
The technique you need to use depends on whether this is a one time import or something that must be automated.  If it must be automated, we need to know more and you will probably have to add Word to the topics since we may need a Word expert to help with the VBA to extract the table from the document.  Although, I have had a fair amount of success with using the macro recorder in both Word and Excel to capture the code required for various types of automation.
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This will be a one-time import.
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