Can not print to new C554e from Windows XP Workstations... News at 11


Got a weird one.  We just took ownership of a brand new C554e Minolta MFP and of the 15 workstations we have in our office, TWO of them will not print to the MFP/Printer from either the MS Office 2003 suite or our TOPS application.  The working 13 workstations are a combination of Windows XP/SP3, One Windows Vista and 5 are running Windows 7.  For the two that are not working, these are both Windows XP/SP3.
> We use Authentication for billing our clients for printing services and therefore an account code must be entered to print.
> Can not print from any of the MS Office Products ( MS Word, Excel, Outlook 2003), and our TOPS application.
> Both problem PCs error out at the point where the pop-up is displayed and is checking the settings
=> The process errors out with "It was not possible,to verify the settings.  Check if the settings are correct"
> Both problem PCs can print a Test Page from the Driver/Properties which includes entering a valid account code when prompted.
> Both can print from Notepad which includes entering a valid account code when prompted.
> Both Fail when we use the 'Verify' button on the Driver's "User Authentication/Account Track" screen.

Minolta Tech Support believes that either MS Office (Which would include TOPS) or the Windows XP OS is the problem - their suggestion was to re-image the OS and/or reinstall the MS Office and TOPS.

We saw similar symptom with some of the other PC (Windows XP and Windows 7), but 'Removing/Rebooting/Reinstalling' resolved these.
I noticed that with each PC, the CD Based Minolta installation process did not work and each PC had to be manually configured, with the exception of ONE PC, which is one of the ones that is not working - I was able to  install the print driver using the CD/Automated process.

What has been done:
> Removed/Rebooted/Reinstalled five different versions of the PCL Drivers (Oldes was 2.1.0 // Latest is 4.1.1)
> Attempted installing from the original Installation CD and from downloaded driver packs.

I REALLY don't want to re-image the OS as we have some pretty old applications which will be difficult to reinstall.

Any ideas or suggestions..

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Start by removing the driver from the O/S, then remove the port. Removing the port is done by going into the Print Server Properties (within the printers list window), selecting ports, then deleting the port(s) for the IP/printer in question.
After removing the port, rebuild the port and install the driver manually - don't use the disk. Download the latest version of the driver you want and use that.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Machienet,

Thank you for your reply...

Removed the driver using one of the install packages - one of the options during the install process is to remove the current driver, which i did.
> Oddly, this process resulted in the PC rebooting.
> And the Minolta printer object is now gone, so I had to use one of the other print objects.
> Remove any port that was not being used, and there was several, appx 10
> Ran CCleaner as well to clean up the registry, which is where i think the problem is.
> Rebuilt the port and installed the print driver
= Same symptom, Test Page is OK, but can not print from MS Office.

I am thinking about re-imaging this system to get to a base line on this problem.

Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
If removing a port results in an auto-reboot then you have other issues needing to be addressed because that is not normal behavior.

If you have already uninstalled and re-installed Office Suite and still have the same issue I would agree a wipe is in order.
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Any update here?
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Machienet,

It was a long drag out fight, but the heroes of light prevailed - Sort of.  I have been telling every Minolta tech I have encounter that it was the driver - their logic was, if one PC prints with the PCL driver, then it isn't the MFP or the driver - They wanted me to REIMAGE the three PCs... reimage, are you kidding?

My logic was just as simple... the day before the new MFP was installed ALL 15 workstations were printing just fine to the older MFP; the day the C554e was installed 12 PCs worked, three did not - Let's ask a basic Troubleshooting 101 question... What changed?

Running with this idea I found something called a Universal Print Driver and low and behold, IT WORKED!!!!!  To say that I am disappointed with the Minolta Tech Support and their troubleshooting paradigms would be an under statement.   From my point of view, the Minolta Tech Support org was more interested in pointing fingers away from their MFP and not focused resolving a problem for their new customer... OK, I vented and now I feel better.

This Universal Print Driver may be a  workaround as it is very labor intensive to make changes to.  So the battle rages on.


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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Haha, good job with that! And yes,I agree, those universal drivers are terrible in my opinion. The rebooting after manipulating the port is what three me for a loop because that is driver agnostic and its not normal behavior. Either way, you've proven your point and found a workaround so at least you've made progress.
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