Excel Copy Paste While Holding Cell References Intact


I have an immediate need, for a tip to use...when copy/pasting in one row to the next.  I've just got to believe there's a way to do this.

In a given spreadsheet, I have the following formulas in COLUMN-D:

D1-->  MIN_QTY (not a formula...only a Column Heading)
D2-->  =Sheet2!D2
D3-->  =Sheet2!F2
D4-->  =Sheet2!H2
D5-->  =Sheet2!J2
D6-->  =Sheet2!L2

What *MUST* occur...is that in rows 7-thru-11, I need to end up with the following:

D7-->  =Sheet2!D3
D8-->  =Sheet2!F3
D9-->  =Sheet2!H3
D10-->  =Sheet2!J3
D11-->  =Sheet2!L3

...and so forth...repeating this paste strategy...for the next 5,000 rows!  I thought of using some sort of Transposing method, but I'm getting a bit lost with that.  This is only an example...and will apply to COLUMNS A, C, and G as well, in the current Sheet.

The problem is, that I *cannot* alter the source data (i.e. "Sheet2"), as this comes directly from a database report extraction.  I also thought of using some sort of clever use of the "$" character, to hold the relative positions in check, but that won't work...or, I'm just using it wrong. :-)

Please HELP!  I'm stuck, and I must get this project done today for an Executive.  I'd truly appreciate any input here...THANKS!...Mark
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Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
Instead of pasting, use VBA and loop through and generate the formulas...

Sub GenerateFormulas()
    Dim rw As Long, i As Long
i = 2
For rw = 2 To 5000 Step 5
    Cells(rw, "D").Formula = "=Sheet2!D" & i
    Cells(rw + 1, "D").Formula = "=Sheet2!F" & i
    Cells(rw + 2, "D").Formula = "=Sheet2!H" & i
    Cells(rw + 3, "D").Formula = "=Sheet2!J" & i
    Cells(rw + 4, "D").Formula = "=Sheet2!L" & i
    i = i + 1
End Sub

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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Use this formula...In D2


Open in new window

and simply drag this...

Enclosed workbook for reference...it does what you are looking for...

datatechcorpAuthor Commented:
Thank you both *SOOOOOO* much for responding.  I'm going to try both suggestions, and will award the points by day's end.  It's *VERY* much appreciated!...Mark
datatechcorpAuthor Commented:
I'm awarding you both the points...as both of your solutions were fast and fabulous!  Thanks for chiming in guys...again, it's most appreciated!...Mark
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