Screen goes black after about 2 minutes of inactivity for Dell Inspiron (Model: N4010)

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           I wish to help a friend troubleshoot and resolve an issue surrounding her Dell Inspiron (Model: N4010) laptop.  With respect to the concern, the screen goes black after about 2 minutes.   If the touchpad mouse is glided,  the screen will reappear.  I am not sure if this is related or can be tied into this issue, but, there are popups which appear such as Java Auto Updater wanting to make changes,  Weather Bug program,  and Driver Support window indicating a critical security update is available for Driver Support.  Click here to begin updating Driver Support.   Of all of these popup windows, I believe the Java Update Available one is likely to be legitimate and needed.  However, I am suspecting this laptop might be infected with malware which has altered the power management settings like sleep, hibernate, etc. for the monitor.

           Just in case this information is needed, this Dell Inspiron laptop is running Windows 7.  If more information is needed,  please feel free to let me know.   I look forward to reviewing any suggestions submitted in reply to my question.

           Thank you

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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
for the turning black issue... check display in control panel and see what the screen saver settings are.  Also check power (both in control panel) and verify the "turn off screen after X minutes"  is not causing this.

For the malware, download, install and run as administrator malwarebytes from  That should give you a good feel for the bad guys.  If it won't download, nor install, nor run, then restart in safemode with networking and try again.

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web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Since this is a laptop you have to change the power settings  which may be different if running on battery power or if the laptop is plugged in.

Go to control panel and then click on the "power options" icon. Once this page opens up then click on "choose when to turn off display"     in the left-hand column.  Here you can choose the amount of time to keep the display on, There should be different setting for when the laptop is running on battery power or when it is plugged in. select a time you want then click on save changes.

As far as the update popups that are occurring you should always install the security patches for software that you have installed such as java, flashplayer, etc. Not installing the updates can make the system volunarable to virus/malware infections.
right click the desktop, and choose adapt to personal preferences
then select the screensaver - bottom right hand - and check when it kicks in
if it is set to 2 minutes - change it to what you want it to be
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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

             I want to take a moment and provide an update regarding my progress.  The result of Malwarebytes run in Safe Mode with Networking indicates 1481 infected objects.  When the list of infected objects displayed, I placed a check mark at the top which automatically selected all of them.  Then, I clicked Remove Selected.  After that, I got a message indicated that 0 objects were quarantined with the only other option of Finish.  To make a long story short, the infected objects were never quarantined or removed.  At this point, I am wondering what can be done to remove this large list of infected objects.  

             Any further advise regarding on how I might can remove the infection using Malwarebytes will be greatly appreciated.

             Thank you

GMartinAuthor Commented:

           I want to add an interesting observation noted regarding the screen.  While the screen will go black within 2 minutes in Normal Mode, it does not happen within Safe Mode with Networking.  While I know this laptop remains to be seriously infected as noted by Malwarebytes, I am wondering might cause such a difference.

Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
The difference between safe mode and normal mode is many start up programs and  processes don't start.  So whatever is blacking the screen in normal mode does not run in safe mode.  You can test this by running msconfig and unchecking half the items in the startup tab and half the non MS items in services.  Restart and test.   Continue with the 50-50 selection process until you find the guilty party.

For the malware... malwarebytes actually prefers to run in normal mode.  If it will not  run in normal mode because of a block by one or more of the bad guys and will not remove any of the bad guys in safe mode, you need stronger medicine.  I don't think I would trust this system any longer and it should be restored from backup or reset to factory from the recovery partition or installation media.  Copy the user data to an external drive first.  

One possibility is to download one of the many off line AV scanners that create a bootable CD such as, but not limited to  Off line scanners often do a better job than on line because the bad guys are not active.  Another tool of last resort is combo fix from
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

             Using everyone's shared suggestions, I am happy to say this laptop is now clean.  There were 2 unrecognized programs, Cleaner Pro and Driver Support which was uninstalled in Normal Mode.  A few unrecognized items within the Startup and Services tabs of the msconfig utility had to be unchecked as well.   RogueKiller did detect some infected areas as well.  While they were selected and the option to delete was chosen, I never got exact confirmation of the infected objects being removed.  However, when I restarted the pc and ran Malwarebytes again, it indicated the number of threats being 0 this time.  I also ran it again just to make sure it was not a fluke and it came back with the same results.  

              Thanks again everyone for your help.  The laptop is running well and seems to be free of infection at the present time as indicated by Malwarebytes.  

               Have a great day everyone.

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