Difference between two string values.

I would like to know what the difference is between these two strings - if any. I always thought they were the same, but apparently not.

I was trying to use them to a function today and one string format worked, but the other did not (it simply would not run).  So, behind the scene, there has to be some inherent difference that the C# compiler was seeing.

string dirPath =  @"\\C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\";

string dirPath =  "C:\\Users\\<user name>\\Desktop\\Test\\TEST_DIR\\";

Thanks for your help,
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at-quoted strings are verbatim, and there are no escape characters, while double quoted strings allow substitutions.

Your two strings above become
\\C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\
C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\

in the at-quoted string, the \\ is not escaped, while it is translated to \ in the second string.
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
string dirPath1 =  @"\\C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\";
string dirPath2 =  "C:\\Users\\<user name>\\Desktop\\Test\\TEST_DIR\\";

will contains different values, but if you change a bit the first variable to this they will be the same.

string dirPath1 =  @"C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\";

string dirPath1 =  @"\\C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\";
string dirPath2 =  "C:\\Users\\<user name>\\Desktop\\Test\\TEST_DIR\\";
if (dirPath1 == dirPath2) {
    Console.WriteLine("Both variables are same");   
} else {
     Console.WriteLine("Both variables are different");   
string dirPath3 =  @"C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop\Test\TEST_DIR\";
string dirPath4 =  "C:\\Users\\<user name>\\Desktop\\Test\\TEST_DIR\\";
if (dirPath3 == dirPath4) {
    Console.WriteLine("Both variables are same");   
} else {
     Console.WriteLine("Both variables are different");   

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Mr_FulanoAuthor Commented:
Both answers were excellent!!! Thank you both for your help.
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