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Problem in wcf project for Visual studio 2013

Hi Experts,

       I am not able to create generic handler in a wcf project.  Is there any alternative to generic handler,  I am using visual studio 2013.

      secondly, I am not able to create a web page(aspx-page) in this wcf project,  

     I had created html page and saved it as aspx and manually, added code-behind file manully, but it throws error, and there is no designer file generated.  I had rebuild the application but the errors dont go.

    I had noticed in stack overflow stating to "convert to web application" option in project menu, but this option is not available.  I had tried changing Format version to 10 in the solution, but not able to see the option "convert to web application".  

Bharath AK
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Anil Golamari
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What is the issue that you are facing when trying to add a new web page to the WCF Project? You should be able add a new aspx page by right clicking on the wcf project -> Add -> New Item -> Web form.

Also are you planning to create a ASHX page for your generic handler?

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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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Thanks for your help and response.
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I want to give 50 point to expert who spent time in responding to my answer
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Thanks for your help and response
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Hi Thermoduric,

     Thanks for your reply.  But I wondering how to reset points, it is still displaying as 500 points.
Please help me.

With Many Thanks,
Bharath AK