Unable to insert newly added column data into mySql from Spring Data Jpa, Spring Data REST, liquibase and Angularjs based project

I am working on a Spring Data Jpa, Spring Data Rest, liquibase and AngularJs based project and is working fine for the existing columns of the Invoice Table. I added a new column 'ediNumber' to this table through liquibase which has successfully added new column to my Invoice Table (mySql). But the problem I am facing is when I am trying to insert new record from front end (Angularjs) the newly added column value is always getting inserted as null. I can clearly in the console before save function the object has ediNumber too.  

Save function in controller :

  $scope.save = function() {
     if ($scope.invoice.id != null) {
         Invoice.update($scope.invoice, onSaveFinished);
     } else {
         Invoice.save($scope.invoice, onSaveFinished);

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The above console log shows, the following where we can notice the ediNumber too. But ediNumber value is not getting inserted in the mySql database table.

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In my browser console, the post request is getting formed as follows:

POST http://localhost:8080/api/invoices?cacheBuster=1444273583860 201 Created 158ms


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Here you can notice there is no ediNumber, I am not able to understand why that ediNumber is not appearing in my post request. I made the following changes too in my back end,

In Invoice.java

 * A Invoice.
@Table(name = "invoice")
@Cache(usage = CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE)
public class Invoice implements Serializable {

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
    private Long id;
    @Column(name = "account_number")
    private String accountNumber;
    @Column(name = "invoice_number")
    private String invoiceNumber;
    @Column(name = "invoice_amount")
    private Double invoiceAmount;
    @Column(name = "status")
    private String status;
    @Column(name = "edi_number")
    private String ediNumber;

	@OneToMany(mappedBy = "invoice")
    @Cache(usage = CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE)
    private Set<InvoiceDetails> invoiceDetailss = new HashSet<>();

    public Long getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(Long id) {
        this.id = id;

    public String getAccountNumber() {
        return accountNumber;

    public void setAccountNumber(String accountNumber) {
        this.accountNumber = accountNumber;

    public String getInvoiceNumber() {
        return invoiceNumber;

    public void setInvoiceNumber(String invoiceNumber) {
        this.invoiceNumber = invoiceNumber;

    public Double getInvoiceAmount() {
        return invoiceAmount;

    public void setInvoiceAmount(Double invoiceAmount) {
        this.invoiceAmount = invoiceAmount;

    public String getStatus() {
        return status;

    public void setStatus(String status) {
        this.status = status;
    public String getEdiNumber() {
		return ediNumber;

	public void setEdiNumber(String ediNumber) {
		this.ediNumber = ediNumber;

    public Set<InvoiceDetails> getInvoiceDetailss() {
        return invoiceDetailss;

    public void setInvoiceDetailss(Set<InvoiceDetails> invoiceDetailss) {
        this.invoiceDetailss = invoiceDetailss;

    public boolean equals(Object o) {
        if (this == o) {
            return true;
        if (o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) {
            return false;

        Invoice invoice = (Invoice) o;

        if ( ! Objects.equals(id, invoice.id)) return false;

        return true;

    public int hashCode() {
        return Objects.hashCode(id);

    public String toString() {
        return "Invoice{" +
                "id=" + id +
                ", accountNumber='" + accountNumber + "'" +
                ", invoiceNumber='" + invoiceNumber + "'" +
                ", invoiceAmount='" + invoiceAmount + "'" +
                ", ediNumber='" + ediNumber + "'" +
                ", status='" + status + "'" +

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in InvoiceResource.java, I have post call as,

     * POST  /invoices -> Create a new invoice.
    @RequestMapping(value = "/invoices",
            method = RequestMethod.POST,
            produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
    public ResponseEntity<Invoice> create(@RequestBody Invoice invoice) throws URISyntaxException {
        log.debug("REST request to save Invoice : {}", invoice);
        if (invoice.getId() != null) {
            return ResponseEntity.badRequest().header("Failure", "A new invoice cannot already have an ID").body(null);
        Invoice result = invoiceRepository.save(invoice);
        return ResponseEntity.created(new URI("/api/invoices/" + result.getId()))
                .headers(HeaderUtil.createEntityCreationAlert("invoice", result.getId().toString()))

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And the following is my backend debug log on spring data jpa end,
[DEBUG] com.sample.web.rest.InvoiceResource - REST request to save Invoice : Invoice{id=null, accountNumber='ACN8436346', invoiceNumber='INV232643276', invoiceAmount='73466.0', status='Open'}
Hibernate: insert into invoice (account_number, invoice_amount, invoice_number, status) values (?, ?, ?, ?)
[DEBUG] com.sample.aop.logging.LoggingAspect - Exit: com.sample.web.rest.InvoiceResource.create() with result = <201 Created,Invoice{id=8, accountNumber='ACN8436346', invoiceNumber='INV232643276', invoiceAmount='73466.0', status='Open'},{Location=[/api/invoices/8], X-sampleApp-alert=[sampleApp.invoice.created], X-sampleApp-params=[8]}>  

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Too SmartAsked:
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Have you recompiled your server side code?
The debug message doesn't seem to reflect the toString() method in Invoice.java

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Too SmartAuthor Commented:
Ok, I will recompile the code again and then update by 8pm.
Too SmartAuthor Commented:
That is the catch. My code did not compiled properly. I restarted eclipse and then compiled again then every thing went well. Thanks for catching it.
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