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I tried creating a disk image of an old windows 2000 machine using Acronis. However, it did not work. When I tried to load the image on a newer system, i get a blue screen with "inaccessible boot device".

any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, even if it means buying software.

BTW, the old system is a P4 using a 32GB IDE drive. I want to load the image on a SATA drive.
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The problem here is that the hard drive controller is not natively supported by Windows 2000. This means that the OS cannot see any drives once it switches from using the BIOS to protected mode access.

If you can put the drive back in the original machine, them install a driver for the new HDD controller, it will probably work when you move it back.
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Make sure any other devices such as CD disks, USB sticks, alternative disks are removed from the system.  Check the BIOS settings to see that the system is in AHCI or IDE or compatibility mode and not in UEFI mode.

Or possibly I suspect that the Windows 2000 system does not have the correct SATA drivers especially if it is a fairly modern motherboard.
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best use  the paragon adaptive restore software -  it does just what you want :

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