How to Start W 8.1 in a non Hibernated state

I have a client that has forgotten her login password on her HP W 8.1 PC.
I tried a few programs to help me delete her password and finally settled on "Offline NT Password and Registry editor".
It works fine except when it tries to access the boot drive. It can't because it is in a "Hibernated" state.
My question is how do I stop 8.1 from shutting down in a Hibernated state or is there another way of deleting or finding out what her password is?
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Yank the power. If it is  a laptop, take the battery out first. This will of course mean any open files are not saved, and there may be volume corruption, but really not much choice here.
Besides forcing it to power off ungracefully, you can also delete the file "hiberfil.sys" which is in the root of C:\. You can do that easily using a live CD or DVD, for example PCRepix:

The file gets created automatically again once the system is normally booted again.
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vlogg5Author Commented:
This question is closed. I will be awarding points after I solve the issue.
did you try the shutdown process i linked to ?
vlogg5Author Commented:
Your link refers to changing the way to shutdown once you have logged in. The problem is that I can't log in because the lady has forgotten her local password.
well - that was not very clear to me from your Q

then i suggest this :
remove the AC from the system - + battery if it is a laptop, to ensure it powers down
make the UBCD; and boot from it - to run Offline NT Password and Registry editor

that should do it
vlogg5Author Commented:
No it wasn't clear because I just wanted to disable hibernation. Thought that was the way to go so that NT password and Registry would be able to access the disk.
Since then I have have gone the route of creating a new administrator account by way of LinuxMint according to the following link.
"a new local account with administrative privileges will need to be created"

So back to your last comment and suggestion.
1) By remove the AC from the system do you mean just unplug it while it is running?
2)Can I use LinuxMint instead of UBCD?
3)So I boot from LinxMint. Then what? Delete the hibersys file so that I can run the  Offline NT Password and Registry editor?
4)Iif you like, maybe you should just tell me how you would delete recover a local windows 8.1 password under a separate question.
yes vlogg5 i misinterpreted it too

i found this article - saying to disable fast boot - secure boot :

another one said to run chkdsk on the drive

here they say to boot up to the lofgin screen - then select another method of shutdown - not hibernate -  then run ntpassword

and they also said to delete the hibersys file - though in general - i make an image of the drive before starting to repair or delete  things

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Once you have deleted the hibernation file you would boot into the offline registry and password resetting tool, as now you shouldn't get the message about being in a hibernated state anymore.
vlogg5Author Commented:
Thanks or all your help.
Malmensa, I tested, on my 8.1 laptop, yanking the power but of course that doesn't work because it does not get rid of the hiber.sys file.
I finally got so frustrated that I just backed up everything and reinstalled the OS.
The next time I will try just removing the HDD, deleting the hibersys ile and running offline registry and password resetting tool. We will see.
Nobus, actually I did try your first link but the client's was so messed up that the user name that showed up when booting was not even listed as a user in the windows directory. On a normal repair I am sure that link's method would work.
Thanks again
vlogg5Author Commented:
Sorry All. I got that backwards. The next time I will be doing Nobus' link first and then if that doesn't work I will be deleting the Hiber.sys file (Rindi).
This has been enormously useful and I wish I could award more points.
no need to close it before a solution is found..
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