Want to give a full permission to team site user on office 365

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My plan is giving a full permission to one user so he can change anything on our team site.

However, when I run 'Check Permission' on the user, it shows that certain permissions are denied on the user as below.
Result of Check PermissionJust wondering how I can give the user a permission to Add, change, or delete HTML pages or Web Part Pages, and edit the Web site using a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible editor.

Thank you.
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this is related to a security fix / change which has been rolled-out by Microsoft a couple of months ago.
With the fix they disabled a couple of scripting enabled web parts to secure their customers portals.

To solve your issue you have toto activate scripting through Office 365 administration portal or a Powershell command.
Details can be found here:
and also from the official MS Office 365 support team:


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