Outlook delivery and read tracking doesn't work with external recipients

Outlook 2010 is conneted to Exchange 2013. User sends a mail to several recipients with Delivery and Read Receipt. The Tracking page should keep track of the responses. It works fine with internal recipients, not with external recipients. How do I make it work with external too?
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imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:
You can't. It's up to external domain to determine.
strivoliAuthor Commented:
I correctly get the Delivery and/or Read Receipt from the external recipient. This should be managed by mine Exchange/Outlook and fill the Tracking Page of the sent mail. But it doesn't.
I don't see why this should happen because of the external domain.
The external domain (or better, mail server) might deny Delivery and/or Read Receipts. If this is it, I shouldn't even get them (but I do).
Please explain better your suggestion. Thanks.
imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:
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strivoliAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the link but it doesn't treat Tracking. I attach a "Screen Shot" which should help understanding my issue. The 1st and 2nd rows are related to external recipients, the 3rd row is related to an internal recipients. I get Read Receipt from all 3 recipients but only the internal one is managed by the Tracking Page.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Tracking and delivery receipt are two different features.  
Exchange will manage tracking of messages on internal recipients. But, external recipient servers do not provide the additional tracking transactions to the sending email server.  In fact, the receiving email server may not be an Exchange server.
In the industry, message standards provided for the delivery status (read receipt).  However, the recipient can decide to permit or deny this feature as well.  
So, in summary, the tracking feature for Exchange users can provide transaction detail on emails sent within the organization (including the delivery/read).  External recipients that permit the delivery/read receipt are actually emailing back to you the transaction as an email.  So, the read receipt is an email and not a transaction in the tracking records.

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strivoliAuthor Commented:
Hi Richard, I've tested the feature even using an external recipient hosted by an Exchange server managed by myself. As a result the feature doesn't work even if the external recipient's mail server is Exchange.
I wonder why MS implements a feature that is unusable. Senders are mostly worried about delivery to external recipients... much less about the same mail sent to the colleague sitting in the office next door.
Any feature that works on the 10% of cases simply doesn't work and should be removed in order to avoid questions such as the one asked to me by the colleague that wonders why it doesn't work.
Thank you anyway for your post.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
> I wonder why MS implements a feature that is unusable.
The feature serves its purpose internally. All external communication via SMTP adheres to a standard defined in RFC 2821, and for some (probably very good) reason tracking just isn't defined there. By the way, there are many more features of various mail servers that aren't defined in SMTP.

So, when communicating with an external domain, it's not even up to that domain to determine. It just isn't there.
strivoliAuthor Commented:
Dear Contributors, thank you for the support and for taking the time to reply. The conclusion is: even in the best scenario (destination mail server allows Receipts to be sent back to the sending mail server) the Tracking Page only works with internal users.

@imkottees: your suggestions were focused on the fact that the destination mail server doesn't allow Receipts. This is not my case. I regularly receive the both Receipts (delivery and read). At least during these tests using well known destination mail servers. Sorry but I can give no points.

@Richard Daneke: even though your answer doesn't provide a solution, it is the best explanation on why this feature doesn't work with external servers. Receipts from internal recipients have one kind of icon, from external they appear as a mail. So, technically speaking the 2 Receipts are different. Points for you.

@Sjef Bosman: if a feature works only for 10% (provided 10% are internal and 90% external) of the mails either the feature must be removed or there must be a warning telling the user that such feature only works with internal users. Sorry but I can give no points.

Thanks again.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Not even 10% of the points?? How sad...

Just kidding ;-)
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