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I have a AP to configure, the AP is POE so i am unable to connect to it with an Ethernet cable directly to my laptop. What I have to do is create a VLAN on the POE Switch untag 2 ports one for my laptop and one for the AP.

When connecting to the HP switch web interface I can setup a VLAN but I am a little unsure on how to configure the IP for the VLAN. It obviously has to be on the same network as the default IP of the AP but when I go to IP configuration shall i set it to DHCP or manual? I think its DHCP but need advise.

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Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

If you're doing this just to configure the AP and the PC will be on the same VLAN as the AP, you don't have to do any IP configuration on the switch.

If that's not the goal here and the AP will be on one VLAN and it has to communicate with hosts on another VLAN, then you will need to configure IP for the VLANs.

I never use the GUI. I always use the CLI. If you have access to that, then:

config t
vlan 12 (or whatever the vlan number is)
 name AP (naming the vlan is optional)
 ip address

Open in new window

But using the GUI, IIRC, it's under the configuration tab and then click on "IP configuration". Then you can select the VLAN and define the IP address.
Hi Don thanks for the reply.

Yes its just to configure the AP. The VLAN will then be deleted once I have configured the AP
Top Expert 2015
Okay. Then you don't have to worry about IP addresses on the switch. Just create the VLAN, set the two ports as untagged for that VLAN and then do your thing.
Fantastic Don thank you so much

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