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I wanted to see if someone can help in regards to estimating the development time on a project that we have.

So we have a drupal based site, and we need to translate our content:

Specification of work:

Drupal Version: 7.26

"The language translations pop-up would appear on the home page when someone enters the site with options for languages and the whole website would be changed to that language. If something is not translated into the specific language it would be displayed in English.  

Once someone has made the selection, if they want to change it, they can use the language buttons at the top right hand corner. The language which is currently selected should be bold and underlined.

-      In the backend we should be able to turn on and off the pop up. If we feel that people are not liking it we ourselves should be able to turn it off.

If a user is using Arabic, for example, and they click on an article which has not been translated, there will be a text box indicating that "This particular text is not currently available in your preferred language".

We also need a feature so if someone is browsing the site in English but wants to read a specific article in Arabic they are able to see the translation for that article only (language selection option just above the article), without changing the whole menu into that language. It would only effect the specified article."

Just wanted to see if someone knows of a module that has been proven to be a good module for translations on drupal based sites? and what would be an estiamte of time for something like this as at the moment the time frame is being quoted is 11.5 days for the above work (the translations integration is already there, its just creating the things mentioned above as the majority of the work was created previously)

Looking forward in hearing some answers, thank you
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Well to start, I would use this module: https://www.drupal.org/project/i18n - it works great and will give you the functionality to switch languages.

This is for the the above module: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH_DwwEQf0k

The module is pretty easy to setup, the the time consuming part is the translation. Once you have the module setup, you need to translate the content, then create a new page for every language. If the about page needs to be translated in 7 languages, then you have to create 7 new pages.

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